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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blind: Got Caught With A Man

Gossip Boy

Christian Darko is a hot young guy who is very well known in town. Not only do the ladies love him, but the guys drool over him as well. Maybe not as much as other guys like him, but he has his gay following. CD loves his gay fans, a lot actually. He hangs out with them whenever he gets a chance and often gives them access to meet him. He has been tempted many a time, but has always had a girlfriend. Christian is a not the cheating kind, but he is not really a catch either. Christian was raised with religious morals and standards, one that probably have messed his pretty little head up. But he was given an assistant, one who was gay and proud about it. Funny thing is, the star’s mother loves the guy and was the one to hire him. Christian spent a lot of time with Handy Helper and they bonded, too much. Christian and Handy Helper not only began fooling around, they fell for each other. They kept their relationship a secret and Christian told Handy that he would not be able to come out for quite awhile. Christian has let Handy bring him out and they turn him into a kinky little boy. Christian is constantly making Handy perform certain pleasures in public places. Most recently, a popular hangout in L.A. Tucked away in a dark corner with his hat pulled down, Christian sat back while Handy got a little mouthy. Word got back to Christian’s woman and she split pretty quickly. Thankfully for Christian, his people gave her something green to keep her mouth shut. Better watch out, Christian. If you were caught in the corner this time, what will you be caught doing next time? It’s Not: Zac Efron; Nick Jonas; Jake Gyllenhaal.

Most Popular Guess: Joe Jonas

My Guess: Ryan Phillippe

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