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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blind: Drugs To Be Straight

Ted C

You know what a lot of celebs do when they're trapped in the closet? Drugs. And lots of 'em.
A young Toothy Tile had to do line after line just to get through sex with a chick (you know, in an attempt to prove to himself he was straight) and now we're hearing another young homolicious babe is going through similar motions.
Anyone remember cutie Jackie Bouffant?
Jackie, the ├╝ber-yum young-ish star who has a red-hot career (and bod, just FYI), seems to be dabbling in the hard stuff. But it's not coke.
While out on the town recently Jackie the stud was rolling—and we don't mean in some pimped-out caddy. He was superhigh on ecstasy.
J.B. was hitting a celeb-infested soiree filled with cameras, paparazzi and reporters, so natch that meant his beard was in tow for the photo ops.
And how did Bouffant get through the evening? By popping a few of those teeny colored pills in his mouth so his adorable smile wouldn't fade throughout the event.
Totally sad. Or not?
Thing is, Jackie really does enjoy his gal-pal (they've known each other for a while), but he hardly wants to rip off her stylish clothes off. And yes, Jackie's PR candy is most certainly aware of both of her man's habits—the drugs and dudes. But Missus Bouffant doesn't mind all that much. Jackie certainly is the bigger name out of the pretty pair, so she won't be letting her golden ticket to the tabloids go anywhere.
Ironic, though, how Jack's audience might be more shocked about the whole ecstasy thing than gay thing, which may not stay hidden for too much longer since J.B.'s pals can't stop blabbing about his way fun rolling ways around town.
Wonder which secret will come out—pun intended—first?
And it ain't: Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake

Most Popular and My Guess: Zac Efron

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