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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind: Actor Looking For Male Companion To Take To Premiere


This amusing actor – who stars in at least one big movie coming out this year – is becoming more and more open about his gender preference. He’s not one of those guys who interviewers ask about his sexuality. Maybe it’s because he behaved himself during the time he was married (yes, to a woman). Maybe it’s because many of his characters are larger than life. In any case, he’s recently been hitting on a male pop star with whom he has a prior work connection. It will be interesting to see who he brings to his movie premiere(s). It certainly won’t be the pop star, who plans on staying in the closet for at least a few more years.

Most Popular And My Guess: Mike Myers and Justin Timberlake

*Note The Blind Says that the actor is hitting on the pop star, not that the pop star is reciprocating

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