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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Other Side of The Story: Brett Claywell breaks his silence

When the daytime world was rocked by the KISH firings, they were not alone, the actors didn't see it coming either. Brett Claywell has broken his silence following a week of rumors about why the groundbreaking couple was let go from One Life To Live. He says that they did not act unprofessionally in any way, as was suggested by Nelson Branco in his latest "Soapgeist" column and was the basis for this Royal Rant.

In his defense he says "Scott informed me of [Branco's column] yesterday. It's amazing to me that two people can put so much of their heart into a story that can be so passionate and serious and tell a story as honestly and as truthfully as we tried to and just open our hearts to the world and just try to make a difference, try and touch people and stories like this will come out that are absolutely, 100% false, I'd love for anyone to watch one day of any of the work we've done and tell me that Scott and I were not 100% committed to what we were doing. We were so dedicated to our work. It's hurtful. I’m really offended that someone would make completely false claims. I'm angry. It's slander."

Other than a couple of tweets Bretts co-star and current Hunk of the week frontrunner Scott Evans has maintained his silence.

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