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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sayanora Adam Chandler


Sad New All My Children fans. Emmy Winner David Canary who plays Adam Chandler, and who played his twin brother Stuart until last year has announced his retirement at the end of April. Until then he says that fans will enjoy a "scandalous"  end to Adam and Annie's marriage and a reunion with a former wife, widely speculated to be Julia Barrs Brooke. 

Canary said in a statement “My career on All My Children has given me more than words could ever covey, both professionally and personally. I have cherished each and every moment, Viewers will be happy with how Adam departs the canvas, and I know that leaving JR (Jacob Young) as head of the Chandler household will continue to provide the show with many great stories to come. This is not the last you’ve seen of Adam Chandler. I will be back to check up on the Chandler Clan.”

Good Luck David!!! We love you!!!

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