Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Classic Soap Moment: Luke Comes Out

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Friday, May 22, 2015

GG Investigates: Did CDAN Lie?

Lies, deceit, and scandal. No it is not another Hollywood blind item, it is the situation rocking the blogging world right now. Over the last few weeks, culminating last week, a former favorite blog of mine Crazy Days And Nights was gaining a lot of attention for some very salacious blind items, some believed one came from Robert Downey Jr, while, another was believed to have come from It girl of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence. Many started muttering that these were the fabrications of a writer desperate to hit the big time. 

One of those people was Maureen Callahan from The New York Post. If you clicked the link then you seen what a job she did on the author of CDAN, Enty Lawyer. She called him out on not really being friends with celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ambery Tamblyn. She even goes after his real identity, in the article it is revealed that Enty is not 400 pounds nor does he live in his parents basement as he has often claimed, more damning is the fact that he is not really an entertainment lawyer. 

What does this prove? Not much, especially in the way that I had originally thought it would. Blind Gossip will quit carrying CDAN Blind items because they feel that a liar has been exposed, directly from their posts "We put a great deal of time and effort into writing our original blind items. They may not always be shocking and salacious, but they are authentic and accurate. Even in the world of celebrity gossip, we think it is important to exercise some integrity in discussing real people and their behavior. Another blogger chose a different path, and, as a result, we need to take action." That is their choice, I choose differently for now at least. 

There is a blind from Gossip Boy that now seems to be pointing to Enty as the answer, which if it is revealed as him it will break my heart and I will ultimately pull his blinds from the site.  Basically the blind says that a popular blogger picked up a fake tip and went with it. Back then (2010, GG's first year) the popular guesses were Perez Hilton and Ted Casablanca. I'm monitoring the situation and will bring you up to the date information on  it. 

Enty has stayed quiet on this front, issuing no statements or even sly comments in posts about the situation. Even more surprising his fans are quiet on the front. There are some interesting developments though, Crazy Lies and Nights, a website that was set up to prove Enty is a liar has disappeared without a trace. The author at that blog was so set on her mission that she found every piece of evidence she could to discredit her foe, it would seem logical that she would be reveling in this, but she is nowehere to be found. 

Do you think Enty published lies? Or did he just get a bad rap?

Picture Of The Day: Jussie Smollett In Bed Shirtless

JK Rowling Vindicated

Yes Gossipers, there are two JK Rowling stories in a row. This is the way it should be, a truly talented lady with graces beyond anything that I have ever seen. Anyways a few years back in 2013, JK wrote an article for a website (why couldn't she write one for me?) for a site called Gingerbread. In it she recounted ONE encounter that was bad with one of her fellow churchgoers at the church that she worked at. The Daily Mail and The Mail Online wrote a scathing article, claiming that JK was telling lies to drum up support or something. JK sued and finally won the case!

After months and months of going back and forth in court, everything has finally been settled. JK's Solicitor Keith Schilling released this statement "In these circumstances, and this statement having been read out in court, the claimant now considers that she has been fully vindicated, her reputation has been restored and accordingly is happy to bring these proceedings to a close." No one can imagine the sort of pain that was inflicted by the articles claim that JK was making it all up and that her fellow churchgoers were upset with her. 

Unlike those crazy Lindsay Lohan lawsuits, this one actually had some merit to it. Even though the vast majority of people actually read her article knew that she mentioned ONE account where she was treated differently. There were still a few people that might have believed such a 'legitimate' news source. 

Harry Potter Actor Strips Down To His Underwear

It's always funny how some child stars grow up to be little hotties? Take Johnathan Lipnicki, he was adorable as a kid but as an adult, Good Lord In Heaven! The same thing can be said for Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies. He did a pictorial for Attitude Magazine and the world has fallen in lust with that man.

Well most of the world anyways. JK Rowling, who grew close to the cast of children playing her beloved characters was in a state of shock when she saw the pics. Here is the twitter exchange between the two:

.@Mattdavelewis Not as bad as watching Dan in Equus, but close. Warn me next time, for God's sake. …

.@Mattdavelewis I will always support you whatever you want to do, Matthew. Now go put some clothes on.

We love you JK but this time you are on the wrong side of history. 

Raven Symone May Join The View

At the height of it's popularity, The View was the go to talk show. In fact it was so popular that it convinced the brass at ABC that viewers wanted more talk shows and less soaps, which led to the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live. Now though, The View itself is on the brink of being cancelled and the producers are trying everything in their power to raise the ratings and their relevance.

When bringing Rosie O back didn't produce the ratings or the buzz that they wanted, they knew that there were in trouble. Of course the ratings did spike when Whoopi was off at the beginning of the year but soon after Rosie announced that she was leaving. Since then there have been a variety of cohosts but one has made more headlines and jazzed up the show like no other, and that ladies and gays is the one and only Raven Symone. US Weekly is reporting that the powers that be are so taken by her that they are looking to sign her on a permanent basis, One source said "They think she's really smart but also a little kooky and so she'd be a good fit," For me I think that she would be a great addition, especially if they brought Rosie back. 

Raven for her part takes this job very seriously. Every night she is prepping according to another source, "Every night she studies all the current events and topics for the next day, Everyone is blown away. Nobody else prepares like she does!" And that is the mark of someone who really wants to be professional and on the ball. 

Castle Would Have Gone On Without Stana Katic

Castle is a very important franchise for ABC. Not only is the show still a major hit for them, but there was word that they were developing a spin off series based on the books that are released in real life by fictional writer Richard Castle. Was that as confusing for you as it was for me? Anyways it wasn't surprising when they renewed the show, it was a little surprising that they did so before Stana Katic had signed a new contract.

It turns out that there was a Beckett-less plan in place, if Stana had decided to leave. Alexi Hawley, who is going to be the new showrunner told TVLINE, “There’s always a Plan B, But it would’ve been a fundamentally different show, and that would’ve been quite a mountain to climb.” It's interesting that they would have continued on without her. Though as some fans (and allegedly Nathan Fillion at one time) pointed out, the show is called Castle, not Beckett. So as long as Nathan keeps signing new contracts, the show will go on. 

Who would have replaced Stana? No one knows for sure but it could have possibly been Alyssa Milano. Sure she may have left ABC with a bitter taste in their mouths after Mistresses but there is no denying that she is extremely popular with the viewers and would have helped to stop any sort of ratings drop. 

Chris Pratt Likes To Be Naked

Is there anything more pleasing to the ear than a new Britney song? It turns out that the answer is yes, when a talented, funny hunks admits that he likes to be naked. This is especially pleasing when that hunk is Chris Pratt and he tells a little story to go along with his admission.

So Chris was doing some promotion for his upcoming movie, Jurassic World. Part of that promotion was doing an interview with GQ, in which he quite happily shared this story. “I was a jokester, I had a dirty mind, and a dirty sense of humor. And I was naked a lot. I was naked all the time. It was just recently, in the last few years since I’ve become an adult, that I’ve learned to keep my clothes on. And even then, I really haven’t…I got suspended from the track team in high school for getting naked on the track bus. I was always getting naked. I thought it was hilarious. I didn’t understand how somebody could be so offended by me just taking my junk out.” I don't understand how someone could be offended by him taking his junk out either. If he wanted to do Playgirl, that would be a sell out issue, there is no doubt about that. 

He also told a story about how he showed his peen to Amy Poehler. They were filming a scene for Parks and Rec and Amy was supposed to open the door to him naked (albeit with a crotch sock on), but the scene wasn't working. That is until Chris took off the penis blocker, and they used that take. Of course NBC gave him a stern warning about that behavior. In his own words, "[It was] the take they fucking used, by the way, that made the air, and was hilarious, so I was totally right, but apparently if you want to get naked there’s certain protocols you have to take to prevent people from being offended—you have to give them the opportunity to not see it." I want to know who was offended by seeing Chris' penis because they need to be punched in the face. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Garth Brooks: We Should Vote For Them Because They’re Right or Wrong

Country music is considered to be one of the most conservative genres out there. Remember when Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks said that she was "Ashamed" that President Bush was from Texas? To this day many, if not all of the country stations still refuse to play their music. Garth Brooks took a different approach and so far there has been no backlash against him.

Before Garth was about to bestow an Honor to former President Bush, he was asked about what he thought about President Obama. His answer was enlightening and beautiful, even if some of the more extreme Republicans don't like it. "Yeah, I think what President Obama is finding out is all that we want to do, the system kind of doesn’t allow the most powerful guy in the world to kind of do his job and I’m sure nobody’s more frustrated than him to complete those promises that he did and I think he’s trying his heart out. I love him to death and I fully support him and I just wish him well because it’s got to be hell in that office." I am very impressed with the way that he showed thoughtfulness. And for those wondering, I also stood by Natalie Maines. Not what she said, though she wasn't far off the mark, but because she had every right to say that. 

The reporter pressed on and got some wonderful quotes from the former King of Country. The one that struck me as being very on the money was about how Garth feels, that we should not vote for things based on political affiliation, but rather what we believe is right and wrong. "I think we should vote for them because they’re right or wrong and we kind of have seemed to have fallen into that trap so that would be the one warning I would give all us.  Put down where you’re from and what flag you fly under and let’s get to putting the best person, man or women in the office and let’s start making some strides." And this is why I am not ashamed to be a fan of his. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Casting Couch: Funny Jake

I have made no secret of my love and lust for Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. That being said, I think maybe its time for him to try a new career path. Love and Other Drugs was a success and while Source Code, his new thriller wasn't a flop I think America is ready for something new from our favorite gay cowboy (Brokeback Mountain.)

Personally I think its time that Jake flexes his funny bone.We have seen that Jakey has great comedic timing, from his stints on Saturday Night Live, but he chooses these heavy dramas constantly. Its not that we don't appreciate his wanting an Oscar, certainly he deserves one but we want to see our hottie laugh and smile once in a while for goodness sake.

With all that being said, how about Jake doing a silly comedy with Adam Sandler and my boo JamesFranco. Think about the three of them working together, I'm getting chuckles already. I'm sick of remakes and what not but why not have the three of them do a new version of 3 men and a little lady? Anything to get jake and James out of their shirts.

Do You Think Jake Should Do A Comedy? If So What Kind?