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The Brangelina Split Is About To Be Gossip Heaven

Monday, September 26, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Leaving The View, Will She Be Replaced?

Two weeks into the new season and there is already backstage drama over at The View. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at me and thinking that of course that me saying there's drama behind the scenes is like Fox renewing The Simpsons, it's just a given. This time though, Whoopi Goldberg herself caused it and is generating quite a few headlines! Why? Because she said her intention is to leave the show at the end of this season.

Whoopi has been doing the talk show circuit promoting her new show, Strut. It's about the first Transgender Modeling Agency. When she appeared on Wendy Williams' show, Whoopi revealed that she "has" to leave, “I have to do it, baby, because I have to go and grow, I got stuff to do. I got movies I need to direct. I got books I got to finish.” Sometimes I think people forget that Whoopi is an EGOT, and she probably has projects lined up from Manhattan to LA. It really makes sense that she may want to leave a full time job to tackle these passion projects. 

For her part, Whoopi isn't worried about leaving The View. In fact, she basically told Wendy that she is only a part in the machine. “This was great and I love doing it, but it’s been awhile and they’re in their 20th season. They did this without me.” In case anyone is interested, Whoopi is the longest running Moderator that the show has had. And again, as a creative person I understand her need to get out there and do something different. 

Fans of the show may be asking who will replace Whoopi? That remains to be seen, but the most obvious choice would be to promote Joy Behar. On Friday's she is already holding court, and she is among the most popular co-hosts. There could be a civil war on Producers hands if they go outside of the current cast. That is if the shows does indeed go on. 

Yes there was a show before Whoopi, and it has undergone many cast changes over the years. However with sagging ratings and a seeming new push into scripted shows by the networks again, this could be the final straw for the venerable show. Rumors have been rampant that the new ABC Daytime President wants to put her mark on the show and sacking The View could be the way she does it. 

And because it's Music Monday, here is Mary J Blige's video for The Views theme song. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Soap Opera That Is The Brangelina Breakup

My word, when I predicted that the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie split would be the biggest story on the gossip blogs, I had no idea how right I would be. Seriously Page Six should just change their name to Brangelina Central because almost every article has been about them for the last 24 hours. And yes I realize the same could be said for here but at least I'm condensing the juice into one or two posts per day. This one will be all about how Brad and Angie had a lot of trust issues between them, mostly because rumor has it someone has a wandering peen. Enough about Angie though.

As with yesterday we look back to an awards night to see that there were problems with Brangelina, and we missed the clues. Our friends over at Blind Gossip solved an item yesterday that was so glaringly obvious that I should be smacked for not getting it right. Brad and Angie skipped the Oscar ceremony but went to the parties. There they stayed on opposite sides of the room, and refused to be photographed together. What does this have to do with trust issues, you may be asking? Well give me a second to segue into it.

Yes that's a clumsy segue but so is Angelina getting caught hiring an investigator. Come on if you're one of the riches and most powerful people in the world, there is no reason why you're getting caught doing something like that. But she was and a source said that she had a feeling that Brad was passing his joystick to a player that wasn't her. He was passing it to his "Allied" costar, Marion Cotillard.  A source told Page Six“She hired a private eye because she felt that he was fooling around with her on the set, and it turns out, he was. And that was the final straw,’’ Truth be told if I had a bf and he was messing around on me, I'd be done to. However there is the tiniest bit of karmic revenge here because of how Brad and Angelina got started. 

Of course the biggest difference is that there were no kids when Brad and Angelina decided to play Mr. and Mrs. Smith off set. This time though, Blind Gossip says that there might be one in someone's tummy. Yep one of Brad's mistresses might be with child!!! Now to be fair, I have been researching and can't confirm that Marion is preggers but BG never said it was her, just The OTHER Woman. Here's what they say: "The Other Woman is pregnant. The Actor might be the father." And this just entered into soap territory. A divorce, an affair, and a whose the daddy story? General Hospital should take note, this is how soap is done. 

And another wrinkle has just been added to the story. Angie may not be the saint that she was hoping to be portrayed as. New rumors are flying about her that she may have been dating a politician before she filed for divorce from Brad. The rumor from Naughty Gossip adds that she is bored by Hollywood people, which would include her soon to be ex, and is intrigued by people in politics. "She has been getting more and more interested in politics for years and finds Hollywood dull and boring. She is more focused on helping children around the world. Through her adventures she has met some very powerful politicians. One of them she fell in love with. That is the real reason why she filed for divorce." Boy howdy, this is going to be a messy divorce and this is only day 2. Who knows what lies ahead. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Brangelina Split Is About To Be Gossip Heaven

As promised in the earlier post, I am following up on the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt divorce. This news reminds me of the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise break up a few years ago. It seemingly came out of nowhere and is now all anyone wants to talk about, including me. So I put nose to the computer screen and started searching for answers, and what I've come up with is some juicy stuff for us to sink our teeth into. And let's just be real here, this divorce will be driving gossip sites for the next 6 months at the very least. Brad and Angie know how to create drama unlike Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

First things first, it seems that the break up can be traced all the way back to January and the Golden Globes. Apparently Brad kept changing the excuse as to why she wasn't there, he told one group that she was sick and another that she was busy filming. This might not seem like a big deal but as Blind Gossip pointed out, actors are supposed to memorize lines and sell the story. Brad clearly failed at that and they speculate that he must have been "flustered" that she wasn't by his side.

Now on to the good stuff. Well good if you aren't Angelina or Brad that is. Her lawyer released a statement today saying that she filed for divorce for the "health of the family." Many people are speculating that Brad must have gotten into something bad or slept with someone he shouldn't have and is now paying for it with one of the biggest divorces in recent history. And make no mistake in terms of money and press, this will be a biggie.

But Angelina shouldn't expect to play the victim. In fact, there are reports that if she does then Brad will be forced to show his hand. His ace up his sleeve apparently includes her drug use and alleged overdoses, as well as a presumably untreated eating disorder. Blind Gossip has a delicious quote from a different item than the one linked to above: "She is crazy for attacking him, because if he attacks back, he could go after her on her [drug] addiction and her [eating disorder]. He seriously thought that she was going to die a couple of times. How would she feel if he made that public? The only thing that’s holding him back right now is he is worried about how it would affect the kids." At least someone is thinking about the children! But I fully expect this war to be played out in the press by the two best pros in the business. 

And somewhere Jennifer Aniston is hugging her hubby tightly, preparing herself for the onslaught of reunion covers that she'll grace with Brad. 

Breaking: Angelina Jolie Files For DIVORCE!!!!

So here's the shocker of the year: Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce form Brad Pitt after just 2 years of marriage. They had been together since 2004, when they filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith. At the time Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Angelina is seeking full physical custody of their 6 children, with Brad only getting visitation rights.

This is a breaking story, I will be back with much more as the information becomes available. And no, not just the mainstream media reports, the good gossip stuff. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ariana Grande To Write Diss Song About Naya Rivera

Last week, I read more about Ariana Grande than I ever wanted to. How much of a diva do you have to be to try to start a feud with the human version of ramen noodles? Seriously, Ryan Seacrest is the handsome enough and has a nice enough smile to land some TV gigs, and he knows not to ask tough questions of his celeb guests. All this is to say that Ariana needs to learn from Mariah Carey, that diva knows how to shade people well enough that people still talk about it. Another Ariana feud that started bubbling last week-ish is the one with Naya Rivera.

So any good gleek knows that Naya released a tell all book recently. In it she says that she caught her former fiancee, Big Sean messing around with Ariana. Sounds like a storyline from Glee or Melrose Place but allegedly it happened in real life. There might be some merit to the story because Ariana is said to be working on a reaction to the whole thing.

Not just any reaction though. In today's economy, you need to milk whatever situation you can and make some cash. So rumor has it that Ariana is going to take a page out of Taylor Swift's playbook and write a song about the whole thing. Our friends at Blind Gossip say: "She’s going to get her revenge in a way that will sound familiar: She’s going to do a song about it!" I mean of course she's going to write a song about it! It'll help tell her side of the story and you know help her make more money as I mentioned above. 

You may be thinking that Ariana wants to apologize and do a mea culpa. If that's what you think, then obviously you don't watch soap operas or cover Hollywood for a living or read any gossip sites. What I'm syaing is that you all already knew that the pop tart wasn't going to just sit back and be made the villain. She's launching her own attack and BLAMING NAYA for the cheating! BG says "The song isn’t going to be about how she stole someone else’s man… but rather how the actress is the one who lost him." This is not going to be some Stand By Your Man stuff. Is it wrong that I can't wait for this feud to explode?

And since it's Music Monday, here's one of Ariana's songs I can stand:

Friday, September 16, 2016

Drake Outed? Fake Relationship With Rihanna Exposed

Rumor has it that before she (or he, different reports are using different pronouns) passed away, Alexis Arquette was planning a tell all in which she would out gay people in Hollywood. One person that more than likely would have been on that list is Drake, but multiple sources are making sure that the world knows that he likes the peen. Seriously, like four or five different sources as of this writing have reports up that Drake is gay and that his relationship with Rihanna is fake.

So during my usual scramble on trying to come up with something to write about, I remembered a post by Blind Gossip. In it they talk about how Drake's team paid women to be part of his Harem and make him look straight, and that his relationship with Rihanna was set up for publicity. They had a source quoted, nearly word for word as someone who posted on an instragram picture of Drake's.

Here's where it gets really good. As I mentioned the woman, a former hanger on, commented on a picture of Drake and Rihanna. She says that Drake is "a full on gay man" and that his team offered her the "opportunity of a lifetime." She also says that she doesn't know why Rihanna agreed to fake date the man when it can only hurt her. She also acknowledged that RiRi cares about the former Degrassi star but didn't elaborate as to what extent.

If Lee Daniels ever decided to, this would make a great show or at least an intriguing storyline for Empire. Jamal is just as hot as Drake is, and the people could be replaced by Lucious. Anyways, the weird thing is that Drake or his people didn't erase the post. Maybe they want people to know? Here's a screen shot of the comment for you:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Is Happening Over At GH?

Earlier this year, I wrote that General Hospital was in crisis. At the time Kirsten Storms and Tyler Christopher both needed emergency recasts within days of one another. The heat I took over on Facebook was even worse than when I did the story about Prince having AIDS. Soap fans are loyal, I get it. That's why I want them as my fans, they'll take up for you when everyone else is kicking you down. However the issue is that, I didn't say anything overly negative about the show other than the execs needed to get it together. Which is the same thing I'm going to say here, I don't know what's going on but hopefully the Producers and Writers get their ish together. In the last 24 hours, it was reported that Tyler Christopher is not returning and that Bryan Craig is leaving the show.

Back in May, all that was said about Tyler's unexpected departure was that he asked for some personal time. Rumors abounded though that contract negotiations weren't going very smoothly. After all of that though, it was announced that Tyler would return in August with Kirsten. Then nope he'll resume taping in September. Again nope. Yesterday everywhere reported that Tyler and by extension Nikolas would not be returning at all. Multiple outlets reported that it was because contract talks broke down. This isn't a horrible thing, Nik has been off the canvas for a while and other stories are going on. Yes Tyler is a long term vet and many fans love him but honestly I don't think it'll have much impact.

The exit that will have a big impact though is Bryan Craig. Yes Morgan has been stuck in storyline purgatory since they decided to move him away from his romantic liaison with Ava. Right now he is in some weird story where Ava has replaced his bipolar medication with placebos in order to break up his relationship with Kiki. Unless she wants him back, I really don't know what the end game is here and frankly it bores me. The best thing about Bryan's leaving is that maybe we can get rid of Kiki too! Back to the point though, Bryan is an Emmy winning actor (so is Tyler), whose character is connected to just about every person on canvas. When he goes, the show is losing a dynamic that they may not get back. If they recast, they need someone very strong to take over and they better have some decent story for that person.

So what is going on? Maybe these two actors just decided to leave. It happens at jobs all the time. However in my managerial experience people don't just leave. Something is making them unhappy or making the job unenjoyable. Maybe it was the writing, or the management. Who knows for sure except the two men, but there was something that drove them away, 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts Reunited Just In Time For Their Shows Return

It's that time of year again, when fauxmance couples have to come together to promote their shows. You know the ones, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Jake T. Austin and Jenna Johnson (come on you know they're heading that way), last but far from least Evan Peters and Emma Roberts. You can time their make ups and break ups to when their shows are about to start.

Does anybody really believe it was a coincidence that as Scream Queens was waiting for a renewal that Emma and Evan broke up? Ryan Murphy who was also responsible for Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, knew he needed to prove that people cared about the show. Hence he orchestrated the break up and rode the press wave.

Now that American Horror Story is starting tonight (which Evan is on), Evan and Emma decide that they are so in love they can't be apart for another minute. Malarkey. Both shows needed some extra press, so they went back to the fauxmance well and figured that it worked out well last time, they would try it again. The bonus here is that both Scream Queens and AHS are getting the press, so that's double the publicity for the same amount of money. Pretty clever Mr. Murphy.

For the record, not everyone is happy about the reconciliation of this relationship. Blind Gossip talked to one of Evan's friends and they didn't mince words about how they felt about Emma. "She is psycho and she was making him psycho. We just hope he’s smart enough to stay away from her this time. That bitch needs to be in a mental hospital, not a relationship." If he says this behind her back, I'm curious about what he says to her face. I mean good lord, Trump says nicer things to people who aren't voting for him. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ryan Lochte Attacked On DWTS

In my life, I've only watched a handful of episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Those were all years ago when my then pretend husband Lance Bass and soap doyenne/my personal favorite actress Susan Lucci were on. Nothing exciting happened and honestly I went about my business of watching How I Met Your Mother. Last night, I got home from class and it was on while I was eating dinner. Before I went to change the channel, I noticed that hottie Ryan Lochte was on deck, so I figured what the heck I can waste a few minutes watching him shake his booty. And he did not disappoint. After his performance, was when the real drama happened. Someone tried to attack him.

Carrie Ann Inaba was asked to give her opinion on the performance. She got out a word or two and then suddenly kept saying excuse me. Viewers at home knew something was amiss but couldn't see what was going on. Tom Bergeron cut to commercial with nary a word of what was going on. Which left it up to us to ask Twitter,

And if you saw the Twitter feed that I saw, you know that everyone was asking the same question. From my GenGossip account, I asked what was going on. No one answered me directly but there were answers from others that said a couple of guys rushed the stage and threw something at Ryan. The rationale still isn't known right now, but most people are guessing it has something to do with the Olympian lying in Rio.

The conspiracy theorist inside of me thinks that this was all staged. DWTS and Ryan's team were already in negotiations when the aforementioned scandal rocked Rio. So what better way to start the redemption of Ryan, than by showcasing people who hate him. It's funny that we didn't see anything and then they cut to commercial. Tom Bergeron thanked security when they came back from the ad filled break. That too worked in their favor because there was no way anyone was flipping the channel after that drama, we wanted to know what happened. Ryan gets insta-redemption and ABC fills their coffers with more money and get a ton of publicity.

Here is a picture of the alleged attackers:

Friday, September 9, 2016

Review: Speechless is Laughless

There's always a thought that the trailer for a new show gives away all of the best parts of the show. That is the case with ABC's latest family comedy, Speechless. Hulu had the Pilot available for people who are interested in the show, and it seemed like a good enough way to spend a half hour. I hate to be wrong but boy was I wrong about this show.

The concept of the show is a family with a disabled teen moves to a new neighborhood. Therein lies the problem with the show. The entire concept wants you to laugh at someone who is differently abled. A fact that they hit you over the head with at least a dozen times before the first commercial break. The characters are caricatures of sitcom prototypes that work well on other shows but fall flat on this one. Minnie Driver as the harried, angry mother leads the cast and is the best part of the show. Not the angry mother bit, but her delivery is near perfect.

One of the biggest problems with the show is that outside of a few scenes, there was nothing to laugh at. The best scene featured the family arguing about whether to stay at the new house or go back to the old one. The one liners flew fast and furious, and the cast actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. It got mucked up with more sitcom cliches after, and went back to being the laugh free experience that it had been before.

ABC has had a lot of success with shows like The Goldbergs and Fresh Off The Boat, which liberally take from the real life of their series creators. Speechless should have followed the same pattern. If there was nothing that they liked in that vein, the least they could have done is look further into the characters, rather than making the archetypal characters. Lazy Husband is not a personality! And John Ross Bowie deserves better, he left The Big Bang Theory for this!!!!

There is hope, especially in the aforementioned fight scene. But a pilot should be what you use to lure people to your show. If this is their best foot, I'm out.

Grade D+

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Recipe: Chicken and Bacon Pasta




Spaghetti Sauce (Garden variety Ragu is what I used)

Honey Jack Daniels

Spaghetti noodles


Fry up the bacon, just the way that you like it. Once it's fried chop it up into small pieces.

Also fry up the chicken. As with the other chicken dish I added in a splash of Honey Jack Daniels for some flavor. Once the chicken is cooked, you need to cut it up too. Of note you can cut the chicken before you cook the chicken, that's up to you.

 Make the pasta as directed (you can use any kind of noodle you want). Combine all the ingredients together and enjoy. It's a simple dish that you can make in in less than 20 minutes or so.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Troy Aikman/Skip Bayless Feud Just Got Interesting

You all know by now that the only sport I compete in is who can drink the most cranberry and vodkas. Frankly, I don't really care about sports all that much. Unless a hot guy is taking his shirt off, then you can bet your sweet booty I am in. Also if there's an inkling that an athlete might be gay or have some scandalous secret, I'll look into t. This was the case with Troy Aikman and his feud with Skip Bayless,

A little history for those who are like me and don't know the players in this story. Troy Aikman is considered one of the best football players that ever graced the field. Skip Bayless has been a sports journalist for a while and started uncovering facts about Troy. Eventually Skip wrote a book that insinuated that Troy liked men and that the ladies he dated were just for show. And boom goes the dynamite.

Their feud has been going on for about 20 years or so. Troy left football and is now broadcasting for Fox Sports, where Skip just happened to get hired. Awkward! It gets even worse though, when Troy was doing an interview with Sports Illustrated, Troy let out a truth bomb (well his truth anyways): “To say I’m disappointed in the hiring of Skip Bayless would be an enormous understatement, Clearly, [Fox Sports president of national networks] Jamie Horowitz and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to building a successful organization. I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals, none of which applies to Skip Bayless.” Damn! Taylor Swift and Katy Perry aren't even that vicious to one another. Hell that statement makes the rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look like child's play. 

My guess is Skip is going to sit back and let this all play out. He'll let Troy make noise in the media for a while, and then he'll start dropping bombs of his own. Blind Gossip has a lot of the details about what happened between the two but here's the nugget that really got me. What does Skip know about Troy and his alleged gay relationships? "EVERYTHING! Names, dates, duration, travel, hookups, breakups, etc. He also knows all about that long-term relationship with athlete had with another male broadcaster. Whoa!" With that kind of ammunition, I'd be reading very carefully Troy. Unless you think it's time to tell the world what this feud is really about....

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Recasting Adam Newman....Again

For it's 11,000th episode, The Young and The Restless seemingly killed off Adam Newman, again. This time though it was because the actor, Justin Hartley, was leaving to do one of the most anticipated primetime shows of the new season. There were many fans who just asked that the show rest the character, but with so much story attached to him, it doesn't seem to be an option. So who should play the iconic and uber-popular character. Who could possibly fill the shoes of the talented Mr. Hartley?

Rumors right now are focused on Aiden Turner, who played Aidan DeVane on All My Children. While he is a good actor, this will be a horrible miscast scenario for a role that has seen more drama and been recast more times than Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live. Yes Aiden has a fan base and a lot of AMC fans loved him, but he has a limited range and he doesn't quite fit into the role the way Justin Hartley did.

One of the suggestions I made in a Facebook group was Justin Bruening. The argument could be
made that he has limited range too, and that is true. However his technique is very similar to Justin Hartley's and his charisma will help with the learning curve. Another plus is that Bruening worked very closely with Melissa Claire Egan during his time on All My Children and many fans noted that they had some good chemistry. The issue they might run into with Bruening is that like Hartley, he is in demand in primetime and would probably ask for an "out" clause.

Another suggestion that I made was Jacob Young. Ignoring the crush I have on the former JR Chandler, he has already been paired with Melissa Claire Egan successfully and they have a fabulous rapport. Yes he is on Bold and The Beautiful right now, but since they are sister shows it might be an easy transition, should they decide to go that way. Jacob doesn't possess the easy charm that Justin Hartley does, but he brings an instant gravitas to any story that he is in. Plus he is no stranger to being a recast and has worked with a heavyweight TV father (RIP David Canary). The question is can BB survive without him?

What do you think they should do with the character of Adam Newman?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

GG Exposes: A Sordid Tale

The movie is a cult classic, and the TV show that followed was the biggest hit Logo has ever seen with a scripted show. So what happened to Sordid Lives and why is there no season 2? The show that brought such separate actors and actress' together like the late, beloved Rue McClanahan, Caroline Rae, Leslie Jordan, Olivia Newton John and yes even Del Shores' husband Jason Dottley is a victim of the economy allegedly.

According to Del Shores, whom we did an interview with, he says that producer Stan M Brooksis the only reason why there is no season 2 on the horizon. He says that Logo in fact did orderanother season and that the overseas partners were selling the series to a few other countries but everything would have fallen into place if Stan had been paying the artists. Del explains in his own words"I'll keep this short or maybe not. LOGO ordered a 2nd season contingent on the other financial partners coming back on board. Our foreign distributor, IMG, wasn't ready yet... they were still selling the show. It would have happened, I believe, though, since we are now in 17 countries. BUT, Stanley M. Brooks, the producer of the show and owner of the production company ONCE UPON A TIME FILMSdecided to not pay the artists (actors and myself) their residuals when they were due. It got very messy (and still is) with the Guilds."

The story however gets a bit murkier as Stan M Brooks and his Once Upon A Time production company are declaring bankruptcy tonight at 5:01 pm if the unions Directors Guild Of America (DGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), AFTRA, and Writers Guild Of America (WGA) don't accept his $500,000 settlement offer. According to Stan he is as much of a victim in all of this as everyone else. He says that payroll company Axium screwed him over and he had to then pay everyones pay checks out of his own pocket. "As you know, during that production, in the first week of January 2008, with three weeks left in the production, we learned that our payroll service, AXIUM, had filed for Chapter 7bankruptcy protection. What you may not know is that 24 hours earlier, a representative of Axium notified us that Axium had changed its policy on security deposits and that Axium would not be releasing the upcoming week's payroll unless the production wired them an additional $200,000 - bringing the amount on reserve up to over $500,000. Unbeknownst to that executive (and to us), a two billion dollar New York "Hedge Fund" had forced Axium to insist on the deposit of additional funds from all its payroll clients, just moments before forcing Axium into bankruptcy. The Hedge Fund then swept all of Axium's payroll accounts. In the end, when all of the paychecks that hadn't already cleared then bounced - the production ended up having to cover over $700,000."

Del has issued a stern "No comment" while the unions are negotiating terms and what not today. Many of the people who know about the story say that it is quite sad, and are siding with Del and the cast of the once great show. One person said that this was "just desserts" for Stan. Yet another wishes the cast and crew "luck", and agrees with most people that Stan needs to leave show business forever. What a twisted Sordid story.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Crazy Soap Lady Talks: Love Triangles

Gossipers I really need your help to become a superstar on this site. Royal is always threatening to shut me down or take my column away. I did one about the pope that he deemed too dirty. Yet he lets Mandy talk about her hair. It's not fair, how can she talk about her hair and I can't talk about how hot the pope is. I mean sure he's 70 or 80 and he's about 30 or 40 years younger than me but why does that matter? And about that Mandy do you know that I saw her at the grocery store and she wouldn't let me hide out in her house. I was appalled. Well I had a Paul but right now that’s not what I'm talking about.

Or is it? Long before Angelina stole Brad from Jennifer, before Elizabeth got Eddie out from under Debbie, there was me. Yes, that’s right gossipers I admit I stole a man before. Well stole may not be the right word, he came onto me and said that he and his wife had an arrangement and well he had muscles that would make Taylor Lautner blush. So of course I began an affair with him, and we carried on until his wife found out and threw a fit saying something about monogamy.

See I identify with so called "bad girls" Angelina Jolie is exotically beautiful and I can see why Brad couldn't keep it in his pants. Hell if I were within 10,000 feet of her I wouldn't be able to keep it in my pants either. I'd dress up as her brother if it meant I could get some tongue action out of her.  Jen really didn't stand a chance after Brad agreed to star in Mr. And Mrs. Benjamin Salt with Angie. I mean come on what did you expect to happen Jen, when your husband signed up for a movie with a sex Goddess? Jen you're pretty and all but you are no Angelina, so just stick to your John Vaughns.

Elizabeth Taylor also got a bad rap for a while.  I mean sure she stole Eddie Fisher from Americas then sweetheart. But I mean think about this from Eddie's point of view, here was the most beautiful woman in the world throwing herself at him, what was he going to do say no? I hardly think so I wouldn't expect any man of mine to say no?

A triangle that really intrigues me, is the one at the center of Twilight. The sexual tension is almost unbearable; it melts my screen every time I pop in the movies to watch athem. Of course I am talking about Edward and Jacob. Sure, sure they out a lesbian in the middle of the gay men fighting over each other which makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean was there a quotient for bad actress, who recite lines robotically that had to be filled? Anyways so technically I guess their fighting over lesbella but in reality they want each other. I see it everytime they appear on screen together. Edwards portrayer even said he made the other one’s nipples hard. If thats not love, then I have no idea what is. I hope Jedward have a long and happylife after the studio finally lets them show the love they feel for one another and get that bitch out of the way.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Royal Rant: What Would Jesus Do?

I've been thinking a lot about religion lately. There seems to be three groups of Christians, there are those that are very devout and do everything in accordance to the bible, there are those who are the complete opposite and completely just don't believe a word of the bible, and then there are people like me who do believe in God but don't go to church because they don't feel welcomed. Mostly this is because of people in the first group but we'll get to that.

I have a very dear friend, who I met when I worked at Target, she is uber-religious. Her love for Jesus is so infectious that even just talking over Facebook I can feel it. This was never more evident than when I commented on a picture that she posted in support of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. It was one of those memes that said something about how he wasn't judging people. I responded that if he wasn't judging people, he wouldn't have felt the need to say that he wasn't judging people. A stance that I stand behind. I anticipated a back and forth with my friend, it's what we do. I was shocked and appalled by the response I got from one of her former Facebook friends (she deleted him after this situation). His arguments were vile, disgusting, and really radical.

Being the sweetheart that she is she messaged me via a private message and apologized for what was said. This led to a deep discussion about religion and church. I revealed to her why I choose to worship in my own way, minus the hypocritical views of people judging me without knowing me. It was a generalization and it was wrong. As I awaited her response I expected something along the lines of "being gay is a sin" or "you made the choice to love men". The actual response was something so beautiful, wonderful, and should be what every so called Christian aspires to.

When I got the notification that she had responded, I opened it tentatively. I was so sure that she and I would get into one of our infamous debates and eventually agree to disagree that my stomach was in knots. Her words were kind, and said that she was very sorry for what I had to deal with and that she didn't agree with the hatred that some members of The Church spewed. Then she said something that absolutely floored me and reminded me of why she and I are friends. "Jesus didn't hang out with the pious, the church leaders. He was with the whores, the tax collectors, the sinners. He loved everyone, and that's the example that we should follow." Yes with all of my heart that is the example that we should follow. It is what I believe with all of my heart and soul. It is how I live my life.

I don't care if you are gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor, everyone is treated equally by me. I am far from perfect but I try my best to have an open heart and help out everybody. Why don't more people who believe in God do this? I can only guess that it is because of the bible and the perceived notion that being gay is worse than say taking someone's life. The God that I believe in loves everyone and forgives those who come to him asking for it.

Instead of judging or going on some incredibly weird rant about why being gay is wrong, we all need to ask ourselves WWJD; What Would Jesus Do?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is Katy Perry Tanking Her Career?

This should be the year of the diva. Britney released a (great) new album, Gaga is about to drop a new single, and Katy Perry was supposed to have the Olympic theme song. Yet Rise was only played a handful of times throughout the games, and hasn't done much on the charts. Now word is coming that Spotify is angry with Katy for an exclusive deal she signed with Apple Music. Also there is an alleged bad interview that will see what little radio play Rise has had shuttered almost completely.

When Adele released 25, she only allowed released single "Hello" to be streamed on any of the sites. It's my feeling that some of these artists should take a cue from her and do the same. Katy however thought that it was smarter to sign an exclusive deal with Apple Music. Now there's nothing wrong with that, Apple is a very respected company and there is an appeal to being linked to them. However streaming giant Spotify was not very happy and now they are allegedly punishing her. "Rise" was kept off top playlists, which is the excuse being bandied about for why the song never took off on the charts.

Now our friends at Blind Gossip are revealing that there was a problem with a radio interview she gave. They don't go into details about what happened but whatever transpired was bad enough that the host has banned the song from being played when most people would be awake to hear it. "The host was so annoyed that he then instructed others at the station to relegate the airplay of the song to the graveyard shift." The song barely touched the Top 15 here in the states, so it being regulated to late nights in a major market means that it will drop faster than Nick Jonas gets out of his pants in my fantasies. 

Enough about what goes on in my twisted mind. There has to be some reason why Katy seems to be going out of her way to torpedo her career. Think about it, this is a woman who has had much success when her peers were falling apart at the seams. And I think the reason is that she wants to launch an epic comeback, which will start with that takedown song that she wrote about Taylor Swift. Nobody who knows how to work the system like Katy does would allow a song like "Rise" to fail as badly as it has. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

David Fumero Gay Porn Scandal

This week has been mostly business oriented around here, so I really wanted a scandalous story to shake up the midweek. While looking for such a story, I stumbled across a blind item that got my juices flowing. And after I cleaned up the mess, I did some more research and discovered that David Fumero had bareback (no condom) sex with another man!

I have personally watched the video and if that's not David Fumero in the poorly shot clip, then I will eat crow. And if you've ever had a crush on the former Cristian Vega from One Life To Live, he is everything you want him to be naked. The actual video will very hot is very poorly shot on an iPhone but you can see what you want to see on it. If you want to see the same clips and things I saw head over to this VERY NSFW site. After you've cleaned up your computer, we'll get back to business.

Welcome back! So as I mentioned earlier, this whole thing came to my attention from an item on Blind Gossip. Here's what they have to say: "We just saw a video of two men having sex.  The video seems to be shot from a phone. Both men are clearly aware that they are filming themselves, as the 'bottom' guy picks up the phone or camera several times to hold the phone at a different angle." Here's where I think a lot of the other sites reporting on this are getting it wrong. Gay for pay implies that this was just a job for the actors involved, but this was two men who are clearly attracted to one another having hot sex, and neither of them are being paid. This is a couple of men who wanted to have sex and for some reason filmed it, even though at least one of them is married. That's right David Fumero has a wife and kid!

Is Melissa Fumero the reason why the video has been yanked down across the web, except for the linked to NSFW site? It's plausible because that same site has a quote from another place on the web asking them to take it down: “So I spoke to Billy [Santoro] and he says that the [soap opera star] is a good friend of theirs and he asked them to ask you to take it down. He doesn’t want a witch hunt that will tarnish straight actors who are not in the video.” Since Melissa clearly does not appear with her husband in a gay porn, it would make sense that her reps are working overtime to keep this out of mind and sight for fans of both of them. Unfortunately for them, once something hits the internet it lives there forever. 

Here's another interesting tidbit, the lawyers for Fumero said that he never gave his permission and wanted the video yanked down. They also claimed that wasn't him in the video. Again if it isn't him then he has a clone out there that he didn't know about. Also you can't force them to take down a video if it's not you in the film. That's Law 101, and anybody who agrees to be filmed having sex on camera should know that. So he simultaneously admitted that it was him but he didn't want the video to be seen by others, If that's the case then he needs to talk to his lover about it. 

One last thing, there has to be a reason why David didn't wear a condom with this man. Maybe they are lovers or in a relationship. But clearly there is enough comfort between the men that no protection was needed. That leads me to think that there is more to this story than what we know right now and that more information will come to light in the coming weeks about this. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zac Efron's Baywatch Connection To Ryan Lochte Scandal

Every so often something will happen that some eagle eyes viewer of The Simpsons will say that the show predicted. Like the possibility of a President  Trump and the sad, mysterious death of Prince. Going forward there might be someone new that we look to for clues of our future and that person look great without his shirt on: Zac Efron. 

When it was first announced that Zac was going to be in the Baywatch movie, I was excited. Not only would he be shirtless throughout the entire movie, but I hoped that maybe we would get another glimpse of his perfect butt. Come on can anyone of you tell me honestly that you weren't thinking the same thing? Maybe he pulls a Mark Wahlberg and goes into the water and his bathing suit falls off or we get a classic shower scene where we get a glance of his buns, The possibilities were endless. 

Now we;re learning a little more about his character. Like the fact that he is playing Matt Brody. Fans of the original series might remember that name as the character that David Charvet played. There's no official word on whether Zac is playing a recast version of the character or if this is a brnad new character who might happen to be the OGs son. Right now speculation is rampant that it's a recast and that makes my butt theory all the more plausible because David Charvet almost always lost his clothes, though because it was on TV we never got to see anything. 

Also leaking out is the storyline of Zac's character. Matt is a former Olympian who commits some crime (it better not be staying in clothes) and has to do community service. He joins as a lifeguard to satisfy that requirement. Many are comparing that to what is happening with real life dumb jock Ryan Lochte. For those of you who only get their news from this site, Gods gift to gays and gals, made a false police report in Rio and faced jail time. However what seemed to upset most Americans was not that he lied to the police but lied to his mom. What upsets me the most is that despite wearing tiny speedos, we've not seen anything he has to offer.  

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Unapologetic Britney Stan

For those that don't know what a "stan" is, I will help you out. The term is derived from the Eminem song of the same name, it's an avid fan of a musician. Sometimes they can be stalkers or weirdos but most of the time, they are people like me. Someone who loves an artist, say the incredible Britney Spears, and are compelled to help make their projects successful. Like how the Britney Army made Glory, the #1 album world wide on iTunes and more than likely the Billboard charts.

Why am I a Britney stan? Well for one thing, because she makes music that somehow always fits the happenings in my life. I won't go into the gory details, I already did that in my review on Friday. But that sort of thing does endear an entertainer/artist/superstar, whatever adjective you want to use, to those of us who aren't household names. But there's more to it than that. On some level there has to be some sort of emotional connection. One could (and has) argued that because her music story fits my real life story, a connection has been forged.

Maybe that is the case. But there is more to it. Britney is an every girl. While her life is something that can only be dreamed about, there is something so relatable about her experiences. Think about it, who hasn't had a bad relationship? The relationship with Kevin Federline was clearly toxic (forgive the pun) and she clearly made bad choices. Like we all have. After a break up, who among us hasn't gone out and gotten wasted, only to show our privates to people that we probably shouldn't? Trust me there are a few people who have seen me naked, that I really wish hadn't. Because of her star status, of course her tribulations are different than ours but only by the public scrutiny. And if things go a little wrong for us a jury of our peers will determine if we go to jail. That kind of relatability is how you grow your fan base, and make them stay loyal. Madonna, Beyonce, even Barbra Streisand may  be considered Godesses in the eyes of their fans and have longevity but people aren't always buying their CDs, and other products. At least not the way we do for Britney.

A former friend once said that she liked Britney because she imagined herself doing what Britney does. It's no secret that Britney uses autotune and what not to help  her out. To me this is the same as a writer (me) using Hemingway to clean up their writing. It's a tool at your disposal and why wouldn't you use it? Even using the technology, it is quite evident that it is the legendary Miss Spears singing the song. When she sings live, and yes she does sing live on a few songs during her concert, she sounds amazing.

Never will I apologize or be embarrassed for being a Britney Stan. Sure there are some people out there who want to degrade or act like Britney has accomplished nothing these past 18 years. Those people are the same ones who call for Madonna to retire because she's too old and think that PMS should preclude Hillary from being President. The always relatable and talented Britney has changed the course of discussion about her so many times that it's impossible to deny her place in the zeitgeist.

And since today is music Monday and I've already made the pun, here is Britney's video for Toxic:

Friday, August 26, 2016

Review: Britney's Glory-ious Return

There's a joke that I often throw around to people: Britney is my longest lasting relationship. It's like she knows what state I'm in and writes music that directly speaks to me, It sounds crazy but it's the honest to goodness truth, and with Glory my girl hasn't failed to figure out my emotions and turn them into some of the greatest dance songs ever.

When Britney Jean dropped, I was still in NYC and trying to figure out this crazy world. I had just started working at the Natural History Museum and dealing with heartbreak. Songs like "Don't Cry" and "Til It's Gone" helped me realize it was ok to mourn a relationship that never was (sorry Josh!), that not every fairy tale ends happily for all the parties. With Glory, Britney perfectly captures the feelings of being in lust and having everyone look at you. With "Private Show", Britney laments that people are looking at her and her lover, they can't even steal a moment away. Finally though she comes to terms with it and informs the audience, along with her man that even though she wants to go again, she'll just "take a bow." Who among us hasn't wished for a few minutes of privacy with our partner, only to be impeded by friends or family? I love Britney because I get her.

Way back during the Femme Fatale era, Britney unleashed "Circus" on us. It was one of those campy fun songs, letting the men in her life know that she was in charge and they needed to keep up with her. During that time, I was in my own little love triangle and wishing that the men in my life would realize that I was charge. With the lead single, "Make Me", Britney ends a long mourning period and invites the fellas to "raise her roof". It was the perfect song to lift up fans and whip them into a lather. When she coos "By the way I see you starin' 'cross the room, babe. No shame in the game, Just cut the shit, be honest" Last time she was in the club, she was cheating on her boyfriend ("He About To Lose Me"), this time she just wants to get some. Who hasn't seen their crush in a club and wanted them to make a move. And after a long period of grieving a relationship, who doesn't want some hot guy to make them forget about their problems for 5 minutes or so?

A lot of critics will say "Private Show" is the stand out of the new album but I disagree. After listening to it more times than I can count, "Do You Want To Come Over" stands out as the song that will inevitably become a classic. She just wants her guy friend to come over and release some of the stress of the day. Either with a back rub or some other adult activity. "Nobody should be alone if they don't have to be." Our girl is letting everyone know that she wants to make things better and it's ok to have someone you just have sex with. Something that I advocate highly. But that's no surprise, since Britney has some sort of telepathic connection to my brain and is able to pick songs that I connect with. 

At this point in her career, Britney has earned the right to do whatever she wants. The fact that she continues to make music that speaks to the evolution of not only her but her audience, speaks volumes to who she is as an artist and a businesswoman. Let the Millienals have Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Let the baby boomers have Joni Mitchell and Donna Summer. Gen Xers have Britney and she knows what we need. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Connie Britton Leaving Nashville.... Will This Be The Last Season?

Nashies cried into their beers when their favorite show was axed by ABC in the spring. Then there was a chorus of "hell yeahs" when CMT decided to bring the show back from the dead. Then a couple of cast members said they weren't coming back and it was a big meh. As long as Rayna and Juliette were there front and center, the fans didn't care much. CMT, Lionsgate, and all the producers assured fans that Hayden Pannetiere and Connie Britton would be with Nashville for a very long time. Well someone must have missed a memo because reports are saying that Connie doesn't want to stick around.

Yesterday EW.com broke the story that Connie wouldn't be appearing in all of season 5 episodes. In fact they hypothesized that she would only be in about half of the 22 eps ordered. TVline took that and went to the source and found out that she will only be appearing in 10. Speculation is running rampant right now about how she will be written off, with the most popular theory being that the show will kill Rayna off.

If they do that, it might add to the show's longevity. Yes Connie Britton is an Emmy-winning actress, who is uber-popular with the audience. However a good murder mystery would make for a fascinating final season for the show. Don't get me wrong, Nashville at it's heart is a soap about the Country music industry and there are plenty of stories to be milked from Connie leaving. Maybe the time for a new lead actress has come. Maybe a Faith Hill-esque character staging a comeback or someone like Shania Twain has a personal life that should be mined for some good soapy drama. There are plenty of actresses who would love to join a show that is beloved by fans and super close to syndication, which means they will hit the lotto with one number basically.

Now that the potential stories are out of the way, let's clear up one persistent theory about why Connie is leaving Nashville. As one commenter said "Connie Britton is too snobby to be on a basic cable network. That's why she's leaving now" And I call b.s. on this. First and foremost it seems that people forget that her first role after Friday Night Lights ended was on the first season of American Horror Story. For those that don't know, AHS airs on FX which is a basic cable network. The truth of the matter is, her contract was probably up at the end of this season and she had some time off coming to her. Chances are she wants another challenge or maybe she wants some time off, and this allows her to do that. If there is a season 6, maybe she'll be recurring. And one final thought, maybe this wasn't her choice. The budget for ABC was much bigger (allegedly) than it is for CMT, so maybe Lionsgate looked at Connie and said "Girl, you're too expensive."  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio's Real Reason For Not Hosting Hillary Fundraiser

Over the weekend, I was reading Deadline. Not such a big deal, some people spend their Saturday nights with loved ones, I spend mine with Deadline and a couple of martinis. One of the articles that caught my attention was that Leonardo DiCaprio had agreed to hold a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and then reversed course. The responsibility/honor was given to Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel. The official reason given was Leo had work commitments that he couldn't get out of, but there's a whole world of lies buried with that. And with a little digging I found out the truth. 

For the first time in his long Hollywood career, Leo is about to go through a scandal. There are some rumblings right now about donations to his charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The Department of Justice has filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. In that complaint is word that LDF and by extension Leo may be part of an embezzlement scheme. Inside Philanthropy says that the way the charity is classified makes it even more difficult to get a read on this. "It's difficult to characterize the giving of the DiCaprio Foundation because its status as part of the CCF makes it impossible to look at its finances," Which is why Leo may weather a very big scandal, and quite possibly be charged with a Federal crime. 

Leo may have to face a judge or Grand Jury and answer some difficult questions. The answers to the questions could lead to some very unhappy times for the Oscar winning actor. The Hollywood Reporter says: "Among the questions asked: Who pays for the LDF's six-member staff (the CCF is not allowed to cover the expense) as well as underwrites the events and other operating costs? What's the total overhead, and how much of the money raised goes into operations versus charitable grants?" One wrong answer and the bubble of scandal free nirvana that Leo has enjoyed goes away and he will be plagued with this for the rest of career, if he has one left. 

Which leads us back to the Hillary fundraiser. Ever since she announced that she was running for President, she has been plagued with scandal after scandal. Including her an former President Bill Clinton's charity, The Clinton Foundation's finances. Blind Gossip says that by ditching Leo, the conversation gets changed from their shared issues. Hillary is hoping  "...that sensitive talking point would be avoided and the media would cover it as a regular fundraiser." Though given that four sites: THR, Inside Philanthropy, Blind Gossip, and Lainey Gossip are talking about this the conversation hasn't been changed yet.