Tuesday, February 24, 2015

James Deen On Hooking Up With A Guy: Never Say Never

Is there any porn star more popular or famous than James Deen? I mean over at Generation Hunk he is the top draw. Even on this site, articles about him draw hundreds if not thousands of pageviews. Men and women alike seem to just love this man, and why not? He's handsome, we all know what kind of equipment he's working with, and you could easily take him home to mom and dad without embarrassment. I mean it's not like parents watch porn and would know who he was, right?

Well get ready for a new wave of panty pudding to come our way, especially from James' gay admirers. See the cutie is trying to bridge the gap between the gay and straight porn 'industries', so he appeared on gay porn talk show, In Bed With Levi and Liam. Afterward he did an interview with NewNowNext and basically said that yes he's a hetero but he would never say no to a guy he's attracted to. " I used to have trouble saying ‘I’m straight,’ thinking if I ever met a guy I wanted to fuck, yeah I’m going to fuck him. I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh wait, I’m straight.'" Hmm maybe I need to get out to California, just to say hi or whatever. It couldn't hurt right?

And just in case people start thinking that James is something other than straight, he clarifies that he does like women only. It's just that maybe one day he will want to lay down in bed with a dude the way that he does with multiple women a day now. "The problem is that I’m not bisexual. Never say never about anything, sure, but I don’t think so. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m straight." At least he's funny about it and not douchey. I mean I still want to star in a movie with him,

What do you think Gossipers?

The Darkest Take on Power Rangers Ever

Above is the dystopian Power Rangers movie that you didn't know you wanted. NO seriously we really need a feature length version of this movie in our lives, James Van Der Beek is awesome as Rocky. I may now have a crush on Dawson Leery, which is a little sad because I was always a Pacey boy but you know when Dawson is acting like a bad ass well my hormones want what they want. Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly is a revelation, this is why she was my favorite on Battlestar Galatica, at least the one season I watched with an ex. So much goodness in this video!

Tell me what you think!

Why Jamie Dornan Will Continue On As Christian Grey

With the expected success and subsequent decline of Fifty Shades of Grey, rumors are popping up about the stars. From the typical: They Hate One Another, to the truly weird: Jamie Dornan Cheats on Wife With Same Transsexual Hooker as Eddie Murphy, the gossip blogs and sites are finding anyways possible to keep the Fifty Shades pageviews coming in. Now the UK newspaper The Telegraph is taking it one step beyond anything else and saying that Jamie Dornan won't be returning for the sequels.

The most obvious defense against this wacky rumor is that there is no way that the studio would have hired him without making sure he was signed for at least the first three movies. Unless they violated his contract in some way, there is very little chance of him escaping from it. There is no way that the movie studio is going to lose one of their biggest franchises go. There is way too much money on the line for them to let the STAR of the film walk away.

The argument that Jamie's wife isn't ok with women lusting after him, seems silly. First and foremost you married an actor/model, of course there are going to be people that want to have sex with your hubby. When he signed the deal to star in Fifty Shades of Grey, you knew that soccer mom's were going to be really into your man. Assuming that these rumors are substantiated, which I doubt, then you should have raised these concerns BEFORE he agreed to play the role. Also just because wifey doesn't like her husband playing an overtly sexual role isn't grounds to nullify a binding contract or even a reason to walk away from all of that money.

The Telegraph article touches on Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan not liking one another. Here's the thing, we all have that coworker we don't like. We don't quit our jobs to avoid working with that person, otherwise we'd end up broke and unhirable. Even if they didn't get along and have zero chemistry, they are still paid professionals working in a field that literally millions of people want to break into. The Fifty Shades Franchise will ensure that they work for nearly the rest of their lives as actors. That right there is reason enough for him to stay in the role of Christian Grey.

Do you think Jamie Dornan will leave the role of Christian Grey? 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vanilla Ice Arrested For Reality Show

This is like one of those weird Glee mashups. Vanilla Ice is the ubiquitous 90's rapper and reality shows have drained our society of any social etiquette. Or in other words they are the same exact thing but worded differently. So of course when you read that Vanilla Ice has been arrested for stealing something that was used on his DIY reality show, it makes perfect sense to our desensitized minds.

Literally every gossip blog is alive and reporting that Vanilla Ice was arrested in Florida. Can we stop for a minute and talk about how everyone and everything bad happens in Florida? Like every time I see some weird story about some person committing an odd crime, I automatically assume that the person is from the Sunshine State. So when I saw that the 'singer' was arrested in Florida and I just sighed and went about doing my job of reporting the news.

Anyways Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice was arrested for stealing furniture and other things from a neighbor of one of the houses that he was working on for his show. It's bad enough that prostitutes are paraded around as wanting love on The Bachelor but now One Hit Wonders are being forced to steal from other people in order to have a show. The madness needs to stop.

Picture Of The Day: Taraji P Henson Responds To Obama Drama

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ellen Auditions For 50 Shades of Grey

So today is throwback Thursday, and I was reminded of this clip from the Ellen Show. I figured with Victoria Rowell suing CBS and Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View again, we needed something good from daytime. Essentially this clip is our beloved lesbian talk show host (no not you Oprah, Ellen) auditioning to read the audiobook of 50 Shades of Grey!

Also will you be seeing the movie this weekend?

Picture of The Day: #TBT Matt Bomer in Magic Mike 1

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Will Rosie O'Donnell Replace Jon Stewart?

Two talk show hosts are leaving their respective shows at the same time. Both of these hosts claim that it is to spend more time with their families. Yet the departures of both people seem to be hinting at something else, a new career path for both parties. Of course this is about Rosie O'Donnell and Jon Stewart.

Yesterday it was revealed that sometime this year Jon Stewart will be leaving Comedy Central's The Daily Show. And all this week the gossip has been dominated with talk about Rosie O leaving The View. The common thread with both of these highly talented people is that they both say that they want to spend more time with their families, and in Rosie's case to reduce stress. Jon has also said that he isn't as invested in The Daily Show, and the same is quite clear with Rosie and The View.

Given all of those reasons, and a few others, it seems unlikely that Rosie is even a contender for the newly opened position. However she should be. Not only did Rosie start her career in stand up like Jon Stewart but she is a talented interviewer and has steered her own show. When the producers begin looking for a replacement for Jon, they need to look at someone who can crack a joke one minute and then ask hard hitting questions to influential political figures the next. Rosie has proven to be adept at doing that very thing. Don't believe me, watch her interview with Chelsea Handler from her OWN show.

Another fact that works in favor of the funny lady? She is very outspoken politically. Yet she will criticize her own party if it comes down to it. Rosie is very knowledgeable when it comes to issues that people care about, and she certainly knows how to stir up controversy when necessary. Just asked Tom Selleck about this. That would serve her gig as host of The Daily Show very well, and would help keep the shows name out in the public consciousness.

Do you think Rosie would make a good anchor for The Daily Show? 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rosie O Saved Whoopi's Job On The View?

The gossip is flying fast and furious right now about The View. On Friday it was announced that talk show doyenne Rosie O'Donnell had decided to leave the talk show at the end of this week, and the rumors started jumping off about the reasons why. One of the most popular rumors was that it was because of the alleged tension between Rosie O and Whoopi Goldberg. It's being reported by multiple outlets, including RadarOnline, that is the case but it wasn't supposed to be Rosie that was leaving.

Allegedly this was another botched attempt by the producers to get rid of a co-host. See they wanted to get rid of Whoopi, an insider says  “They were originally going to fire Whoopi,” because things weren't going the way that they wanted them to. “They expected Rosie and Whoopi to fix their issues, but it wasn’t working, The show was barely stabilizing in the ratings so they decided to buy Whoopi out of her contract. They were going to do it after Rosie Perez came back from play rehearsals for a few weeks.” And the ratings continued to plummet. 

They were going to hand the show over to Rosie O, and let her guide the ship the way that she seen fit. “They were going to give the show to Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace, But Rosie’s divorce saved Whoopi’s job!” Of course there is still a possibility that Whoopi could still be fired for next season, should the show survive to see season 19. 

GH Speculation: Who Will Rebecca Budig Play?

The news that Rebecca Budig is joining the cast of General Hospital is burning up the internet right now. And of course with that also comes fans speculating as to who the soap vet might be playing. After some playful banter on twitter, all that is known about the character thus far is that she will be a spitfire. And she may or may not be working with Billy Miller.

Some fans think that Rebecca might be a recast of the one and only Brenda Barrett. They make good points about the strong resemblance between Rebecca and original portrayer Vanessa Marcil. Here's the issue with that, as popular and talented as Rebecca is, why would TPTB make it nearly impossible and improbable for one of their (arguably) most popular alums to  return? Throughout the years Vanessa has returned to the show time and again. her return in 2010 was the top story on this site that year,  and the ratings rose. So while it is possible that Rebecca is going to play Brenda, I just don't think it's probable.

Another beloved character that many people think Rebecca might be taking on is Emily Quartermaine. With a renewed focus on the Quartermaine family in recent months, this would actually make sense. It would also open up more storyline for Tyler Christopher's Nikolas Cassadine. This doesn't seem likely either though, seeing as Emily died on screen, not to mention that in 2013 she appeared as a ghost. Both Natalia Livingston and Amber Tamblyn (who both played the role) have always praised the show and said that if the circumstances were right, they would return.

My guess is that they have created a brand new character for Rebecca, possibly related to Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford). It would be awesome to see the two daytime divas play sisters and scheme with one another. It would be a risky proposition since Nina is still anew character herself and hasn't been well established but it would solve quite a few problems for the show. Like having a love interest for Nikolas, a foil for the eternal victim Elizabeth, and possibly a real girlfriend for Carly. This theory also works if Rebecca is playing a Jerome, though again they are a newer family.

Who do you think Rebecca Budig will be playing?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Breaking: Rosie O Leaving The View, Divorcing Wife

Earlier tonight I was joking with my best friend about being alone on Valentine's Day, and eating a gallon of Hagan Daz ice cream. Of course I was joking about that, it'll be two gallons and watching Clueless. My beloved Rosie O'Donnell might be joining me in the sadness that day brings to us single folks.

Page Six is reporting that Rosie and her soon to be ex-wife Michelle Rounds have been living apart for months. There is no reason for the break up, but  I did always find it odd that Rosie would talk about her kids and never really mention her wife. Rosie's rep Cindi Berger put out a statement that read in part: “I can confirm that Rosie and her wife Michelle split in November. Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention." I wish that I could just give my girl a great big hug right now, and let her know that people every where love her. 

The break has led to Rosie leaving her job as cohost of The View. Many people had already been speculating that someone on the panel had to go because the ratings had been falling hard since the launch of the new season, though most of that attention had been focused on Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez. Berger added "ABC has been wonderfully understanding and supportive of her personal decision to leave ‘The View.’ Next week will be her last.” I hope that she does whatever it is that she needs to do to live her best life. Whatever her next venture is, I'll be there to watch it happen. 

Will you?

Blind: Turned into a Cokehead Again

Blind Gossip

This former TV star doesn’t have a TV show any more, but she still shows up everywhere and does anything she can for a little press. Fake boyfriends, new pets, and revealing selfies are just some of the devices she uses to get people to talk about her. It’s like she’s addicted to the attention.
She may also be addicted to c*caine. During Art Basel in Miami in December, she partied hard in South Beach. She was spotted doing lines in one club in the VIP section, and in a different club in the bathroom. “She’s turned into a major c*kehead again,” commented one witness. “She was so wasted that she didn’t even try to hide it.”
Most Popular and My Guess: Paris Hilton

Blind: Singer Needs An Anthem

Blind Gossip

The Super Bowl has barely finished and there is already chatter about who next year’s main performer will be. We found out that there are already talks being held, and that there are three factors that are standing in one singer’s way.
The first is that the Super Bowl gig requires months and months of preparation. Our singer is on tour this year.
The second is that the producers want someone with broad audience appeal. One of the criticisms they received about Katy Perry was that the Super Bowl audience was not the same as her fan base. Our singer’s fan base has those same challenges.
The third is that while Katy Perry’s fan base skews young, she had several big “anthem” songs which lent themselves well to sporting events (Roar, Firework). Our singer does not currently have any song like that.
Our singer is impatient. She wants the gig NOW. However, we don’t know how she will manage the schedule, so that alone may force her to wait until 2017. In the meantime, though, look for her to broaden her fan base and come out with at least one big anthem in the next year that includes lyrics of power/victory/winning/teamwork/whatever. “We need a one or two songs that will totally cross gender and age lines. Definitely pop/rock with a heavy beat and a compelling hook. Something that everybody at a football game or a bar or a frat party will all feel good shouting.”
Guess it probably won’t include the word “boyfriend.”
Most Popular and My Guess: Taylor Swift 

Blind: Not SO Bright Model

Blind Gossip

She is being touted as a new “It” Girl, but this pretty model isn’t making many fans among casting agents.
Her name and image started getting bounced around late last year after she landed a high-profile gig (that you probably saw recently), so a couple of casting agents brought her in to see if her acting skills were good enough for small roles in their projects.
“It was kind of shocking,” said one. “She could barely read.”
“Dumb as a bag of hammers,” pronounced the other. “Her agent should advise her to never speak again.”
She didn’t land either job. Guess she’ll be sticking with modeling for now.

Most Popular and My Guess: Kendall Jenner

Blind: Used Her Until She Said No

Blind Gossip

We’ve told you before that this female singer willingly got back together with her ex, even though she knew he was using her to save his own reputation.

Well, since he was already using her for one thing, he pushed to use her for another. He asked to be included on her recent big project. When that didn’t happen, he blamed her… and then immediately punished her by sleeping with someone else.

Most Popular and My Guess: Katy Perry/John Mayer The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Blind: Expensive Pay Off For Scion

New York Post

Which wealthy scion had to explain himself to the board of the swanky East Hampton Golf Club after he was caught stealing handfuls of toiletries in a duffel bag? His dad had to write a big check to stop him from being expelled.

My Guess: Conrad Hilton

Picture Of The Day: Glee's Beiste As A Man

For a great article with actress Dot Marie Jones, and why she had a small moment of trepidation before taking on this story arc, head over to People.com

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kelly Clarkson's Heartbeat Song Video

This video is amazing, and really puts me in the mood to find love. Or pizza, same thing really. Anyways watch the video and tell me what you think. I also think it's wonderful that the video shows a gay couple, who end up getting married. 

Picture of The Day: The Santangelos Cover Reveal

For an excerpt of the book, head on over to USA Today

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Magic Mike XXL Trailer

I've watched this 5 times and have nothing more to say other than my God, I wish Matt Bomer would marry me. I would also marry Channing Tatum....

Puffy Banned Son From Appearing On Empire

There is no show on TV right now that is hotter than Empire. The hip hop set soap has everyone talking and is selling music left and right. Not only that but the show has grown it's viewership every single week that it has been on, which is no easy feat. With all of this in mind, it begs the question, why in the world would anyone ban their child from appearing on the show? Well for Sean  "Whatever nickname he is using now" Combs it has to do with intellectual rights.

I don't know what role Sean's son Quincy was going for, or if it was just a guest role, but I could see him as Hakeem. Anyways when Diddy heard that Fox required the musicians/actors to sign over a portion of their rights he freaked. Here's what is commonly known around the entertainment industry, “Stars on the show are subject to similar music contracts as those on other shows like American Idol. Empire features a score curated by Timbaland and includes original songs that are sold on iTunes and Spotify.” With the exposure that comes along with appearing on the show, it makes sense that Fox would want to keep some of the profit, like they did with Glee. 

However Puff Daddy didn't like this for his Puff Baby, so he thought that the rules would change for him. Hollywood Street King is reporting that “Diddy kicked up a huge stink and called all the top brass at 20th Century Fox TV to get them, to change their rules over music rights.” Things didn't go his way, but I wonder if this will be his new cause. I'm not sure he has a leg to stand on because it is common practice for musical shows like this, and especially in reality TV. Bravo charges 10% to their real housewives and whatever business venture they have going. Being on TV is great exposure that leads to more profits.  

Anyways Sean told his son that he is not to appear on the show. HSK says “He said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. So he banned him from the show.” I'm not sure how it would be Quincy's intellectual property if someone else is writing the song, the only thing he is doing is singing it. 

What side do you fall on?

The Bobbi Kristina Situation Gets Messy

It is way too eerie that Whitney Houston's daughter may die the way that she did. However it seems likely that after Bobbi Kristina was found in the bathtub in her apartment, that is exactly what is going to happen. Right now there are various reports about her condition but the one thing that seems to be universal is that it will take a miracle for the Bobbi Kristina to come out of this coma alive. Once someone, especially one that is as wealthy as Whitney's daughter is, is on their death bed the vultures start circling.

It seems that there are three dogs in this fight. The first one is the alleged husband Nick Gordon, who may not even have a legal leg to stand on here if Bobby Brown's lawyer is to be believed, “Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.” That will not be hard to prove one way or another seeing as you need to have legal paperwork in order to be married, and intention is not a valid argument for being married. Otherwise I would have already been married about a dozen times. 

The next dog in this fight is the father, Bobby Brown. He is understandably out of his mind with grief but the Houston family also alleges that he does have an eye looking towards that inheritance. Hollywood Street King is reporting that they were told “We banned Nick from the hospital. He was trying to get them to pull the plug. So, he could get her inheritance.”  However not even a common enemy will be able to stop the big fight that is sure to come if the tragic consequences of an alleged suicide attempt were to come to fruition. 

Of course the last in the fight would be Whitney's family, The Houston's. They actually seem to be more concerned about their loved one but also have time to throw shade at the men in Bobbi Kristina's life. From HSK: “There are no legal documents that would allow Nick Gordon to get any of Whitney Houston fortune Bobbi Kristina inherited if she passes. And we’re sick of the Brown family acting up, as they always do.” This statement is sure to make the hospital waiting room a huge war zone between the Brown's and the Houston's. 

Picture Of The Day: Channing Tatum Uses His Body to Announce Release of MMXXL

Monday, January 26, 2015

Royal Rant: Klaine Shouldn't Reunite

When Glee was in it's second season, and some would argue at the height of it's popularity, they decided Kurt needed a love interest. This came during the bullying story, which the show was widely praised for, and Darren Criss was introduced. Chris Colfer and Darren were magical together but then the craziness happened and while the chemistry is still there, Klaine (Blaine and Kurt for the uninitiated) has become toxic.

As a writer I know what it takes to create a rootable couple. Klaine definitely has the qualities but somewhere along the way, the show decided to throw one too many nonsensical storylines at them. Blaine cheating on Kurt, a long distance relationship, Adam Lambert. Yet Ryan Murphy and co still wanted us invested in Klaine because well Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are the only two contract gay characters. Which is not a reason to keep a couple together.

This season started with Blaine dating Dave Karofsky, Kurt's former bully. While I adore Max Adler, this isn't OK. There is no way that Kurt should ever forgive his former fiancee for this faux pas. I don't know how many times I have forgiven various characters for cheating, especially my beloved Erica Kane. However what sets them apart from Klaine is that there has always been a line, even if they slept with an enemy there has rarely been a time when one of the 'endgame' partners have dated been truly romantic with an enemy of their soulmate.

Before Klaine shippers start yelling at me that Karofsky and Kurt made up and were friends, I don't want to hear it. Forgiveness is a big key to moving on and letting go of a painful part of your history, however that doesn't make you friends with a person. Can you imagine Revenge pairing Emily Thorne with Victoria Grayson? No, they have moments of friendliness but nothing more than that. The same exists between Karofsky and Kurt, and should have existed with the bully and Blaine.

Do you think Klaine should reunite?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mistresses Speculation: Will They Kill Savi?

Was Alyssa Milano fired or did she quit? That debate will rage on with fans of Mistresses until long after the series has ended. The more pressing matter is how are the writers going to deal with one of their leads not being a part of the show any longer? The most anticipated and expected answer was that there would be a time jump to explain what happened after Savi discovered her ex-husband and her sister humping one another.

Jes Macallan says not to worry that there are too many other stories that would be effected by the time jump. Here's what she told TVLine, "“We really thought there was going to have to be a time jump, but they figured that out. Why skip away from [the drama of the Season 2 finale] and be like, ‘Here are our characters six months later'”?" That begs the question how in the world do the writers get themselves out of this predicament that they got themselves into. They could go the Dallas route and pretend it was all a dream but that's boring and again would really mess up some of the other intriguing stories that they have going on. 

The smart move for them would be to kill Savi. A seemingly random act of violence takes Savi from us. This would allow them to bring on a detective, possibly in the form of Heather Locklear, who also happens to be harboring adulterous secrets of her own. Detective Locklear is convinced that it was the ex-husband who wanted to get rid of Savi and focuses on him. Harry and Joss want to keep their relationship a secret since they never got a chance to tell Savi what was going on. 

Eventually the secret keeping and the guilt that they are feeling breaks them. One drunken night Joss confesses to Karen and April what she was doing with Harry the night Savi died. They turn their backs on her. When Harry is arrested, Joss decides that she has to save the man she loves, and confesses that they were together. They reconcile but Detective Locklear vows to bring Harry down.