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Casting Couch: The New Golden Girls??

Alright so many of you are rolling your eyes, and thinking that I've gone off the deep end. I assure you that I haven't. Sure many claim that Hot In Cleveland is the Golden Girls but let's face it at some point someone in Hollywood will get the idea to do this so instead of waiting lets get started with the casting of this thing already.

The new Sophia needs to be someone who can be sarcastic and warm, often at the same time or within nanoseconds of one another. No one can replicate the goodness that was Estelle Getty but I think that an actress like Katherine Helmond can the role. Doris Roberts would be a good choice to but I prefer Katherine in the role.

The new Blanche should have the sassiness that our dearly departed (sob) Rue McClanhan brought to it. Debra Messing keeps popping into my head for the role but before any of you kill me I don't think she's right for the part, Unless we deage the characters a bit. How about we go with one Susan Lucci, she would be able to fit into the role perfectly... Though with her short stature she might be a better Sophia.

The new Dorothy is a bit harder to cast. Judith Light would be good, but I have other ideas for her, see below. If Debra Jo Rupp's new show doesn't work out I can see her tackling this role and doingwonders with it. I always imagined her as the new Bea Arthur, in my (very) humble opinion they have the same comedic sensibility.

The new Rose won't go over very well, since the previous Rose is still alive. However Betty White is busy with Cleveland so I think that Judith Light would make the nitwit character he own. Nay sayers can say nay but Judith has a long career behind her and has always played the smart characters and I could see her doing wonders with this not so smart role.

Alright let the bashing of me begin.

Casting Couch: Romancing The Soap Stars

Have you all heard about that NBC is trying to bring Romancing The Stone to TV? I was reading an article and it struck me as very odd that they would try to do this. Why ruin a classic movie like that to make a TV show? Then an idea struck me, maybe I should help them cast this, so that it won't be an epic failure.

First for the male lead, I say grab Josh Duhamel. Not only is this man a major hunk, you agree with me don't you gals and gays? He is also very charismatic and talented, his fans from All My Children, Las Vegas, and the Transformers movies will attest to that. You need someone like Josh to fill in for Michael Douglas, with any other actor they would be at a disadvantage.

Filling in for Kathleen Turner, should be Josh's former AMC love interest Rebecca Budig. These two have chemistry to spare, which will be imperative to  this show surviving. Of course the beautiful Rebecca has talent and much like Meryl Streep can turn herself into the character that we see on screen. 

Casting Couch: Michelle Pfeiffer On TV

I have talked about how I see Michelle Pfeiffer as more of a action/drama star. In this Casting Couch I want to encourage her husband, the talented and legendary David E. Kelly to create a show for his wife. Yes I know she's a "movie" star but I think that Michelle on TV would be awesome and I would tune in at least once to see what the show was all about.

Of course this wouldn't be a casting couch without me suggesting some shows for her to be in. Like I would love to see her in an Alias type show, with a central mystery of whose trying to kill the President (maybe Martin Sheen?), the show could be a twisty mystery and season after season it could be a new person, new bad guys etc. Pair her with Kathy Griffin as her side kick or best friend, the show would be a huge hit.

Or how about this idea. Since David is known for his lawyer shows, maybe Michelle runs a law firm with her soon to be ex husband played by Ally McBeal vet Gil Bellows. Of courser the husband would already have a new girlfriend played by the incomparable Portia DiRossi. Rope in a young upstart (who is somehow shirtless in every episode) played by Chord Overstreet and round out the cast with new partner Calista Flockhart who appears in a handful of eps every season.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Picture of The Day: Joe Manganiello Shirtless In Bed

GG Investigates: Why Leah Remini Left Scientology

A couple years ago, I started investigating Scientology. Part of it was intrigue and part of it a perverse thrill of them coming after me for uncovering their secrets. Of course it never happened but with everything I learned about the organization, I worried about the celebs that were part of it.

Those celebs include Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, among many others. That list used to include King Of Queens' Leah Remini but as was revealed yesterday she exited the controversial cult. In the blind item reveal that we ran it says that she was worried about the safety of her family but as is usually the case there is much more to the story.

We have to go back to the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding. Scientology leader David Miscavige was the best man for Tommy, but conspicuously missing was his wife. Leah Remini decided to ask the question that was likely on everyone's mind. This made the man mad and he started torturing the one who dared question him. 'Church' officials decided that she must be "put through interrogations and blacklisted". It seems anyone who questions the megalomaniac in charge this happens to them. 

Despite the Church's denial of excommunication, Leah reveals that they actually happen. In fact she is against   them and "questioned the validity of excommunication of people, She thinks no religion should tear apart a family or abuse someone under the umbrella of 'religion.'" And so instead of being separated from her family she got out of the cult. 

For those interested this story was first reported by Tony Ortega's blog

Royal Rant: Does Olivia Pope Have Multiple Personalities?

For today's A to Z Blogging Challenge I was having a hard time coming up with a topic. 'O' is not exactly an easy letter to come up with a topic for. Then I started talking about Scandal on Facebook and viola, I knew what I wanted today's post to be about. Olivia Pope and my theory as to what is going on with her. Since Scandal is a major part of TGIT, there is a soap opera aspect to the show. I have a theory that Olivia has multiple personalities.

So most of this season Olivia was kidnapped, and held hostage by government officials who wanted to go to war. She was always trying to escape and manipulate her captors, or you know she was being Olivia Pope. Yet when she was rescued, something changed in her. She went to a bar and met a new love interest, but she called herself Alex. At first it seemed like a sexy little game, I mean who among haven't gone to the bar and taken on a new name to pick up a one night stand?

Yet during last night's episode, I started noticing something about Kerry Washington's performance. When she is 'Alex' everything about the character changes. She softens a bit, her stance is softer, even her voice is a tad higher. However when she is at work, she is the Olivia that we know and love. I know that many will scuff at the idea and tell me that I watch too much TV but I promise you that there has to be a big reveal concerning Olivia using the name Alex and I am pretty sure that it's because she has an alternate personality.

Soap Sense: Was A Soap Being Developed For Alison Sweeney and James Scott?

So Sony is dealing with another leak and this one has some really good gossip. Who cares about the rest of the emails that you can read on wikileaks. This one though, this one we need to discuss right here and now. Apparently Ken Corday was very concerned about then headwriter Gary Tomlin creating a new soap for two of Daytime's biggest stars Alison Sweeney and James Scott.

First let's imagine what that show would look like. I imagine two high powered lawyers who start out hating one another. Then slowly as we learn more about them, we see that there is a bit of a Romeo and Juliet thing going on. Then one day Alison seduces James in an effort to get a hold of some damaging information for a case of hers. Since they are both in relationships, they try to keep it quiet but a mutual enemy sees them, and mother nature has decided that now it's time for them to be together.

Now here's the email that was sent from an executive over at Sony:

Re: Ken
 Sent on the run
On Nov 15, 2013, at 11:27 AM, "Kent, Steve"
wrote: Ken is calling to tell you that the actors Alison Sweeney and James Scott claim they are burned out and want to leave the show in April.

Also he heard from a “source” that the Head writer of Days Gary Tomlin and Bruce Evans are developing a new soap with these two actors. I told him that’s nonsense. Bruce is very supportive of Days. Ken is clearly w

Yes the email really cuts off like that. I really wish that we knew more of what was going on. Honestly where there's smoke, there's fire! So Ken must have known something or seen something that made him think that a soap was being created that would star these two. 

Patricia Arquette's Kinky Sex Life With Nic Cage Revealed

She's an Oscar winning actress, who has a hit show now, But once upon a time, Patricia Arquette was married to professional weirdo Nicolas Cage. Now that some time has passed, she is starting to talk about some of the things that they did together. And wow, I may need to start working on some kinky erotica because this is some shit that they did together.

So you know how you're never supposed to kiss and tell? Well they forgot to tell Patricia that because she is spilling tea all over the place about what their marital time was like. CDAN repeats her words as  this. Apparently Nic "never called her by her name the entire time they were together and called her a comic book name instead. She also was tied up at least once a week so he could rescue her. She laughed about it hard." Like I said there is a story in there that needs to be written. I wonder how much the publishers would pay for a story like that. 

Even on Odesk stories like this sell for a lot of money. Why do guys like to tie up their lovers? Is this something about power? Also why do women allow this? Anyways this is the juiciest piece of gossip about an Arquette since Alexis Arquette said that she made the beast with two backs with Jared Leto, when she was still a man. 

Can Castle Survive Without Beckett?

Right now Castle fans are anxiously awaiting to hear if their show is coming back for season 8 or not. Well the good news is that Nathan Fillion, who plays the titular character has signed a new contract to return to the show. This should be good news for fans, and indeed it does inch us one step closer to hearing about the fate of the show, however there is another catch, Stana Katic has yet to sign a new deal.

Many people feel as though she might just be holding out for more money. This might be true but producers should be figuring out what the future holds for the show, should she not sign on. Stana was quoted earlier this year as saying “If the character is complete, if there is nowhere else to go creatively, then I think it’s better to stop when you’re on top…. [F]or me it’s about art over finance, and as long as we’re creating something that is compelling and that has somewhere to go, then we’re good to go. And when we find that we’re not… then it’s time for everyone to pack up and move onto the next thing.” Which I take as a fancy way of saying you better pay through the nose or this bitch ain't signing a new contract. 

The question is, can Castle survive without one half of it's popular team? If we look to Two and A Half Men, the answer is yes,  as long as the replacement star is as famous as Stana. Maybe Alyssa Milano could join the show in the role of a tough but lovable FBI agent or something. The great thing about the premise of the show is that because Castle is a writer, they can easily explain why he has a new partner. 

Nicki Minaj Is Not Engaged

With every great story, the central couple is playing a game of will they or won't they. Finally at the climax of the story they get together and live happily ever after or at least until the sequel comes out. It seems that celebrities also like playing this game in real life, making their fans wonder if they will get happily ever after is around the corner for their fave. Nicki Minaj is allegedly playing that game right now by making her fans think that she may be getting married, when she is not.

Sure there are worse things that she could be doing, Like you know she could be faking being pregnant like a certain Oscar winning actress and 'Flawless' singing diva. Instead she flashed a ring yesterday that had the interwebs buzzing that she and her new boo might be engaged. Blind Gossip is hearing from her friends that she just wants the attention. “When she broke up with [Ex], she told all her friends [about the breakup] a week before it was public. She hasn’t said boo to us about getting engaged to [New Boyfriend]. I think she’s just playing with the whole ring thing. She just loves the attention.” See what I like about this is that nobody gets hurt. Sure fans might be upset and feel like she's lying to them, however note that she hasn't said anything about her possible engagement. 

Why can't all famewhores be like this? I mean sure it might  be a tad annoying but at least she isn't releasing a sex tape to get attention like a certain reality star that people seem to like to keep up with.

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Picture Of The Day: Don't Judge Britney Basic Bitch

Soap Sense

Ok so it's been a while since I lasted posted an article under the header of Soap Sense. Truthfully there hasn't been much to write about, in what is my favorite genre. My detour into Salem didn't last long as Days Of Our lives couldn't hold my attention. However I have another idea for a soap or for soaps to look into.

With one of the "Core Four" leaving the Bold and the Beautiful, I think it is time for soaps to look into updating their business models. With only four daytime dramas left it is sink or swim time, unless one of the cable networks decide to give a daytime soap opera a chance, which they should since the daytime audience is the most loyal and will buoy the primetime line up (are you listening Lifetime? Or OWN?).

My million (billion?) dollar idea is to take the telenovela format and turn it on it's head. Have a 13 week story laid out, with five or six main characters. It could be a murder mystery, with the six characters being the main suspects and plenty of secrets and drama to fuel the show for the duration of the story. There could be plenty of recurring and supporting characters that these secrets could effect.

Here's where I turn the genre on it's head. Instead of the story being over like a telenovela, you continue on but not like a typical soap opera. No instead you pick some of the most popular characters and continue the story, maybe how the murder effected his family or how about how the murders family reacts to their loved one being on trial for the crime. Again there is a lot of drama, secrets, love triangles and what not that can come out of this.

How does this benefit the soap opera industry? By rotating the characters every 13 weeks, you can keep the budget down and with so many top tier talent being free, you can attract them to projects like this. Another result of this format would be the ability to think outside of the box, there can be novelizations for the show, DVDs, websites etc. There is still money to be made in the soap genre, someone just needs the foresight to make it profitable again.

GG Exposes: Nikki Finke's Next Move

Today is day 14 of the A to Z Challenge, and today I am taking on Nikki Finke for the letter 'N'. To say that Nikki Finke is a major influence on my style of writing is an understatement. Sure I don't have the same abrasive, in your face style as she does but I truly respect what she did with Deadline. After she was forced out of the site that she founded, she started her own self named blog that was gaining popularity until one day she disappeared again.

Ever since she has posted cryptic messages about what her next move was going to be. I did an entire investigation about the likelihood of her going back to Deadline, which I'm not convinced isn't her next move. Yet many people think that I'm wrong, they think with the 2016 election on the horizon that Nikki will be turning her poison pen (which is the name of one of my characters!) towards the power players in Washington DC. This actually makes sense because she spent the beginning of her career covering politicians.

What does Nikki say? Well on March 31, she posted another cryptic message on her site. "I have decided what I’m doing next. Big change ahead. Details to come." Of course she has been saying the same thing since Late last summer. Hopefully she reveals what she's doing soon. 

Recipe: Chicken and Bacon Pasta

It's that time again, I've been cooking and decided to share my recipe with you. This is another pasta dish because you know I loves me some pasta. This one pairs nicely with a red or white wine if that's your thing.




Spaghetti Sauce (Garden variety Ragu is what I used)

Honey Jack Daniels

Spaghetti noodles


Fry up the bacon, just the way that you like it. Once it's fried chop it up into small pieces.

Also fry up the chicken. As with the other chicken dish I added in a splash of Honey Jack Daniels for some flavor. Once the chicken is cooked, you need to cut it up too. Of note you can cut the chicken before you cook the chicken, that's up to you.

Make the pasta as directed (you can use any kind of noodle you want). Combine all the ingredients together and enjoy. It's a simple dish that you can make in in less than 20 minutes or so. 

Hillary Clinton Is Popular In Hollywood

Yes I know how corny that headline is. That is like saying that vodka is delicious or Modern Family has a boatload of Emmy's. Anyways many actors are coming out in support of Hillary, as are you gossipers you guys have made each story about her the top post of the day. Anyways Lena Dunham, Steven Spielberg are among the Hollywood heavy weights that are already pledging their support for Hillary.

Not only are the celebrities using their voices but apparently many of them are trying to put money where their mouths are. Andy Spahn of Gonring, Spahn, and Associates has said  "I've got an inbox full of people offering to hold events for Hillary, There is great respect and admiration and excitement around Hillary and also a very clear understanding of what the stakes are." This is a great thing to hear, especially given that some people will do anything to drag Hillary's name through the mud. 

It'll be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. I mean when was the last time that all of Hollywood was unanimous in something? Maybe when they kicked Lindsay Lohan out of Hollywood or when they tried to get Justin Bieber deported? 

Nick Loeb Suing Sofia Vergara

When people break up, there's usually immediately drama but then after time the exes soften towards one another. This is not the case with Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara, with time their break up is becoming more bitter and dramatic. Like when Sofia announced her engagement  to Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello, well he had to do something to take away from her happiness, so he sued her ass like she was Joss Whedon.

Back about 6 months before they broke up, Sofia and Nick were planning on having babies. Because she can't conceive naturally, they have 2 female embryos in a facility. Nick has filed a lawsuit asking that the embryos not be destroyed because he is a pro-lifer. According to the papers filed Nick simply wants ''to ensure that the female embryos are not destroyed, but Jane Doe [Sofia] refuses to agree to their preservation under all circumstances," Something is rotten in Los Angeles and I mean more than John Travolta's marriage to Kelly Preston. 

This isn't the first time that he filed the lawsuit, he did it last summer but had to refile it with more information. He also got a new attorney involved in the case. Sofia hasn't commented on the case but with a new movie coming out, she probably will be forced to.

Casting Couch: Will Rachel Bilson Join The Vampire Diaries?

Nina Dobrev announced, via Instagram, that she is done with The Vampire Diaries. She said that she believed that Elena's story was a 6 season arc and therefore she was leaving. Few shows have had to deal with a lead actor/actress leaving. Two and A Half men is a classic example of bringing in a high profile new character right. Now producers have to figure out what to do, and I have a suggestion for them. They need to bring in an appealing star to minimize the effect if Nina leaving.

With that thought in mind, Rachel Bilson would be the perfect person to take on the female lead. She's famous enough to bring in a new audience because of The OC, How I Met Your Mother, and more recently Hart of Dixie. It won't be the same charm and nuance that Nina brought to the show but it will pump new blood and life into an aging show. When Two and a Half Men brought in Ashton Kutcher, they kept the same ribald humor but his presence still added a new dynamic to the show. Rachel will have different chemistry with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder but that's a good thing, it opens up new storylines for the show.

Whatever they decide to do, it has to be big. Bringing in Rachel will soften the blow of Hart Of Dixie's cancellation. This could be the best of both possible scenarios for them, they get the publicity and ratings from keeping a beloved star and they get rid of a low rated show that won't be sold into syndication. 

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Let's Talk: Which Shirtless Jake Do You Prefer?



Which Jake Gyllenhaal do you prefer? Personally I like #2  because I like a man who I can snuggle up to and be kept warm. 

Now you tell me what you like 

Royal Rant: In Defense Of Madonna

Have you listened to Madonna's latest release "Rebel Heart"? It's amazing. Jason Dottley kept talking about how Joan of Arc was the best ballad she has done since the early 90's. My personal favorite is Bitch I'm Madonna, have you guys seen the performance that she did on Jimmy Fallon? If not watch the video at the end. Before I go on with this post I must remind you that I am doing the A to Z challenge and today's letter is 'M'. Back to the post, as Madonna is promoting the CD she is picking up controversies left and right. The newest one is about her kissing Drake at Coachella, some negative nellies are saying that she's too old to be doing things like this.

So after the whole kissing Drake thing broke the internet, people started saying that she needed to sit her meemaw ass down. Jason Dottley takes offense to this and said on his Facebook, "So let me get this right. A bunch of no-longer-"young" gay men are bashing Madonna for frolicking pantless at a festival and making out with a younger man? YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN TO A WHITE PARTY FESTIVAL, RIGHT? Or a gay club? Any time a room full of men at a music/dance/sex party all need Viagra, I don't think there's any room to critisize Madonna for being "old" and still able to be that uninhibited while sober." I think I am going to leave it at that and let him have the last word. 

Ok so I lied. This is not something new for Madonna, she clearly likes younger guys. I mean have you seen anyone she's dated this decade? The thing is, it's ok because she is being who she is. Like the song says Bitch, she's Madonna and she can do things like kissing a man who as young as Drake if she wants to. 

Hillary Clinton Lesbian Email Scandal

On Monday I wrote an article about why Hillary Clinton won't win the election in 2016. Being a lesbian with a list of secret women lovers was not one of the reasons that I mentioned. Of course seeing as I don't think sexual orientation matters much, I wouldn't have anyways. National Enquirer however thinks that this is an important thing and have decided to add it to the alleged email scandal Hillary was involved in.

Just to make sure that we are all on the same page, Republicans blamed Hillary for not stopping an attack on Benghazi diplomatic compound. Reaching for a way to stop Hillary from running for President, they decided to say that they wanted to see her emails but couldn't because she used her personal email address. Then they got all up in arms because some emails were deleted and tried to make that into a thing.When that didn't work, I thought that they would give up. According to The Enquirer if they could have seen the deleted emails, then they would have had their scandal. “I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay, That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!” It makes you wonder who the lovers are that they refer to right? Well there are no names attached to the list, so it seems like another dead end. 

For the next year or so I fully expect there to be more pseudo-scandals like this. Gossip blogs needs pageviews and tabloids need to sell copies of their mags. The best way to do that is to jump on the biggest news story going on and find a way to make it salicacious and take a different angle with it. The same way I did Monday with the reasons that Hillary won't win. 

More Prison Time: Orange Is The New Black Renewed For Season 4

You know what the best thing about Netflix is? Of course binge watching is probably at or near the top of the list, but also their original shows don't really get cancelled without a proper send off. Yes I am still bitter with ABC for cancelling my beloved Happy Endings, I mean would it have killed them to renew the show for one more year, and let producers have time to shop it around? Anyways Netflix has decided to stay in the prison business and renewed Orange is The New Black for season 4.

I've watched 3 episodes so far and I get why the show is popular. It's very well written, the acting is amazing but I prefer comedies like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, especially after a hard day at work. However I do plan watching every single episode of OITNB along with The Good Wife, when I have some time to do so. I mean between all of the movies, sitcoms, and you books I need to read, some dramas have fallen by the wayside. Well except for Empire because I needs me a weekly fix of my future baby daddy Jussie Smollett.

Anywho OITNB fans are you happy about this news? Also here is a trailer for season 3 which has yet to debut,

Joss Whedon Accused Of Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is a serious thing, maybe not in terms of jail or anything but it can lead to massive monetary punishments. Look at what happened when Tom Petty accused Sam Smith of copying his little known song I won't back down with Stay with me. Sam ended up giving him back royalties and a songwriters credit. That dispute was over within hours of the accusation being made, because both men acted like gentlemen. Will the same be true for Peter Gallagher (no not the guy from The OC), a writer, who is accusing Joss Whedon of ripping his book off with "The Cabin In The Woods"?

Gallagher filed his complaint against Whedon, Drew Goddard (the director of Cabin), Lionsgate, and Whedon's Production company Mutant Enemy. He wants $10 million in damages and I'm going to guess a cut of the profits of the movie. Gallagher is basing his claims on similar storylines and similar characters (including names and personalities), as well as the fact that Goddard and Whedon live close to where he was peddling his self published book "The Little White Trip: A Night In The Pines". None of the defendants have made a comment as of yet.

Here's where I'm going to get in trouble with my fellow indie writers, I call hogwash on this whole thing. Sure at first glance this might look like a legitimate claim but let's take a closer look at a few things. First and foremost similar stories do not constitute copyright infringement. If it did then there would be Honeymooners or The Simpsons because let's face it, The Odd Couple (the original) came first. I do concede that the character names and personalities are a bit sketchy but I also accept that it happens all the time. Second why wait three years before filing this? Whedon has a huge summer blockbuster coming out and it appears as though Gallagher either wanted a quick pay off and/or some cheap publicity for his book. Which is what I think this is all about.

What do you think?

Commercial Hasseled by Hoff's New Face

Does anyone else remember when plastic surgery was exclusively for eccentric rich women? Now days it seems like everyone is getting it, and really nobody looks younger or fresher anymore. They look like sad grandparents who don't know how to embrace the wisdom and experience that time has given them. Take David Hasselhoff for example, he apparently can no longer move his face it's so tight. 

Sure sometimes it can do some good. You know if someone had been in an accident or something, then yes I say get work done that you need to get done. If you're a 25 year old starlet or Heidi Montag then I'm pretty sure you don't need anything done. Hell even The Hoff didn't really need to get work done on himself. There was no good reason for him to do it except sheer vanity. So he was filming a commercial and the original script called for him to smile, but here's what happened according to CDAN "He has had so much work done to his face that all he could manage was a grimace, so they changed some of the copy in the ad." I'm trying to find the ad right now. As soon I find it, I'll update this post and add it in. 

Does anyone remember what General Hospital's Jackie Zeman's face looked like before she redid it? Me either, and as a result of her not being able to move her face, she lost her contract on GH. Sure the situation might be a tad different, seeing as David is more famous than Jackie but I hope he uses her story as a cautionary tale and stop getting work done before he too loses jobs. 

Nicole Kidman's Surrogate Nightmare

Why do celebs feel the need to lie to us? 'Oh I'm sober!', 'I'm not gay', 'I carried my own baby'. These are the most popular lies going around Hollywood right now and it's a damn shame that no one knows how to tell the truth. Seriously would anyone care if Jake Gyllenhaal said that he liked guys instead of gals, would anyone be surprised if Lindsay Lohan said she did a line of coke before doing whatever she does, and would any of Beyonce's fans be mad at her for hiring another woman to carry her baby because she didn't want to lose her figure? The same could be asked of the Ice Queen known as Nicole Kidman, would it matter to you if you knew she used a surrogate for her child?

Maybe in a different era this would have been a scandal but in today's day and age, when entertainers have to put out 5 projects in a year to stay relevant not so much. I mean it would be something now because a lie was told but if Nicole was honest from the beginning and said 'Yea I had someone else carry my baby' no one would have cared. For Tom Cruise's ex it gets worse because the woman who carried her baby is out of money and expects Nicole to pay up. CDAN reveals what happens if she doesn't "then she will have some explaining to do to the world because she said she was pregnant and didn’t use a surrogate." Lies get you nowhere but in trouble. 

My challenge for celebs is to tell the truth from now on. Sure it'll make for a boring gossip cycle but they'll feel better about themselves and won't be open for blackmail. Yes that is what Nicole's surrogate is doing, she is using information that her former employer doesn't want people to know against her. Maybe this is the lesson that Nicole needs to learn, in order for her to lead a more authentic life.