Monday, January 26, 2015

Royal Rant: Klaine Shouldn't Reunite

When Glee was in it's second season, and some would argue at the height of it's popularity, they decided Kurt needed a love interest. This came during the bullying story, which the show was widely praised for, and Darren Criss was introduced. Chris Colfer and Darren were magical together but then the craziness happened and while the chemistry is still there, Klaine (Blaine and Kurt for the uninitiated) has become toxic.

As a writer I know what it takes to create a rootable couple. Klaine definitely has the qualities but somewhere along the way, the show decided to throw one too many nonsensical storylines at them. Blaine cheating on Kurt, a long distance relationship, Adam Lambert. Yet Ryan Murphy and co still wanted us invested in Klaine because well Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are the only two contract gay characters. Which is not a reason to keep a couple together.

This season started with Blaine dating Dave Karofsky, Kurt's former bully. While I adore Max Adler, this isn't OK. There is no way that Kurt should ever forgive his former fiancee for this faux pas. I don't know how many times I have forgiven various characters for cheating, especially my beloved Erica Kane. However what sets them apart from Klaine is that there has always been a line, even if they slept with an enemy there has rarely been a time when one of the 'endgame' partners have dated been truly romantic with an enemy of their soulmate.

Before Klaine shippers start yelling at me that Karofsky and Kurt made up and were friends, I don't want to hear it. Forgiveness is a big key to moving on and letting go of a painful part of your history, however that doesn't make you friends with a person. Can you imagine Revenge pairing Emily Thorne with Victoria Grayson? No, they have moments of friendliness but nothing more than that. The same exists between Karofsky and Kurt, and should have existed with the bully and Blaine.

Do you think Klaine should reunite?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mistresses Speculation: Will They Kill Savi?

Was Alyssa Milano fired or did she quit? That debate will rage on with fans of Mistresses until long after the series has ended. The more pressing matter is how are the writers going to deal with one of their leads not being a part of the show any longer? The most anticipated and expected answer was that there would be a time jump to explain what happened after Savi discovered her ex-husband and her sister humping one another.

Jes Macallan says not to worry that there are too many other stories that would be effected by the time jump. Here's what she told TVLine, "“We really thought there was going to have to be a time jump, but they figured that out. Why skip away from [the drama of the Season 2 finale] and be like, ‘Here are our characters six months later'”?" That begs the question how in the world do the writers get themselves out of this predicament that they got themselves into. They could go the Dallas route and pretend it was all a dream but that's boring and again would really mess up some of the other intriguing stories that they have going on. 

The smart move for them would be to kill Savi. A seemingly random act of violence takes Savi from us. This would allow them to bring on a detective, possibly in the form of Heather Locklear, who also happens to be harboring adulterous secrets of her own. Detective Locklear is convinced that it was the ex-husband who wanted to get rid of Savi and focuses on him. Harry and Joss want to keep their relationship a secret since they never got a chance to tell Savi what was going on. 

Eventually the secret keeping and the guilt that they are feeling breaks them. One drunken night Joss confesses to Karen and April what she was doing with Harry the night Savi died. They turn their backs on her. When Harry is arrested, Joss decides that she has to save the man she loves, and confesses that they were together. They reconcile but Detective Locklear vows to bring Harry down. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zac Efron Fell Off The Wagon

In about two months when this story blows up big, I want you to remember that I already posted it. Our beloved Zac Efron has had a troubling relationship with drugs. He's been to rehab at least twice that has been confirmed, yet when the bad stuff calls he always answers.

Apparently a scene in his new movie sent him way over the edge, and he fell off the wagon...Again. Our friends over at CDAN write that Zac "had a big slip in his sobriety this past week after filming a scene that involved drug use." Oo Zac if you need a sober coach or a lover I am available to help you on both counts. Especially keeping you off of the really bad stuff that hurts you so badly. 

One positive thing about the experience is that Zac realized that he needed to escape from the pressures. Instead of letting things get out of control, he left Los Angeles to get himself back in order, CDAN writes that he "just to get away from everything to try and get him on track for the rest of filming." At least that's a start, hopefully he continues to make smart choices. 

Is Selena Gomez Heading For A Breakdown?

Anyone who willingly dates Justin Bieber is up for some sort of mental breakdown, if you ask me. Someone who goes back to the douche time and again, well she must not have it all together. Selena Gomez is that girl that dated the Biebs time and again, now rumors are swirling that everything that she has worked so hard for is about to be lost.

For most of us, if we had a mid six figure deal, we would do anything in our power to make sure that we collected that paycheck. For Selena though that's just a drop in the bucket so what does she care if she misses that payment? Our friends over at CDAN writes that Selena "has had two mid six figure contracts be canceled because she blew off appearances she was supposed to make to travel instead." You know Taylor Swift wouldn't like this at all, she is all about honoring commitments, something that she should stress to her BFF, 

Especially since it is also expected that her label is on the verge of cutting ties with her. Once again CDAN writes "Oh, and her record label is going to drop her because she was supposed to have completed a record by now and hasn’t even started it." What ever happened to work ethic? Hopefully Selena can get herself together soon but some don't think it's possible. "She might not look at it but she is an Amanda Bynes waiting to happen."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Reason Taylor Swift Tried To Fake A Relationship

Sometimes it really pays to be a gossip blogger. I mean not in money or anything tangible like that but in little ways like calling it when you see a fake relationship a mile away. When Taylor Swift started being spotted at 1975 (the band) concerts, speculation started that she was secretly dating lead singer Matt Healy. I told anyone who would listen that wasn't the case, that there had to be a reason why Taylor wanted people to think that she was into this guy.

Turns out that I was right. Taylor wants to start to edge her way into Indie music without you know actually being Indie. Our friends over at Blind Gossip wrote: "She wants to make the move from pop to more indie-sounding music. In order to get that kind of credibility, she needs to roughen up her image. Not a lot. Just a little." This also explains why Blank Space was the second single off of her CD. So would this plan have worked like it did with Jake Gyllenhaal or Harry Styles? Maybe if Matt Healy was the type of guy who had a filter. 

Fortunately for us he doesn't. During an interview Matt was asked about the dating rumors and he just lost it. He is quoted as saying “It’s fake. It’s all bloody fake. It’s a farce!” Finally one of Taylor's men addresses the rumors and tells the truth head on with no fears of the consequences. Of course this won't stop her and her publicist from doing the fake relationship thing but maybe more and more of the guys will actually address what's going on with honesty. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brandon Buddy In Jail

He was once one of the most popular daytime stars around, and now he is sitting in a jail cell. While this could be about any number of former soap stars, the one in question is Brandon Buddy. Many will remember Brandon from his days on One Life to Live as Cole, the father of Starr Manning's baby and her boyfriend before she moved to Port Charles.

Many fans were shocked when at the height of his fame, and the popularity of Cole and Starr, Brandon decided to leave OLTL. Now rumors are starting to emerge that he may not have had a choice in the matter. Some are suggesting that not only was Brandon fired but it was because he has an addiction to alcohol and perhaps worse. Carolyn Hinsey admitted in her book, Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter, that the daytime community is very tight knit and will the soap press will often not report on a story in order to protect the stars.

Now though there is no protecting Brandon. He was pulled over on Sunday for being under the influence. He was taken to jail, where he is sitting right now. There is also the fact that he is being investigated from another incident that happened on Jan. 4, where he was found to be in possession of prescription meds. They may not have been in his name or something because that seems to be a bit weird.

Hopefully this is a wake up call for Brandon.  

Monday, January 19, 2015

TLC Launches Kickstarter For Final Album

What does Steve Grand have in common with the all time most popular girl group TLC? Both used Kickstarter to fund an important album to their careers. For Steve it was his debut CD, which we are all anticipating and for TLC, well they say that this will be their final time recording together.

On the Kickstarter page for their project, the remaining member inflict the memory of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez. "This final album will be the first studio album by the two of us. Of course, Lisa's spirit will always be present in our music. That will never change." In case you don't know the remaining memebers are Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins, and Usher's ex Rozonda 'Chili' Thomas. Apparently the 'L' won't be represented on the CD because it's just the two of them. Who knows what happened to that reality show winner who was supposed to take the place of Left Eye. 

Why does this have to be all new music from the group? I would have loved a greatest hits CD or something from them. Of course I'm a sucker, especially for artists going the independent route, so I will be buying this CD from them. I'll also probably donate to the fund, which just hours after it was launched has already brought in almost $28,000. At this rate they should easily surpass the goal of $150,000 by tomorrow, and no this isn't sarcasm. 

And any story that doesn't mention that they are bringing Kandi Buruss back on as a songwriter is just wrong. They even named her in the campaign, maybe hoping to capitalize on the Real Housewives fans? "We have already enlisted many key members from our original team (we’re looking at you KANDI BURRUSS!), plus many more!" Anyone want to bet that Bravo ends up with one of Kandi's songs off of this CD as their song of summer?

And because it's Music Monday here's No Scrubs: 

Can AMC and OLTL Make A Comeback?

It should be music to soap fans ears, The View is in midst of a ratings crisis. The crown jewel (in execs minds) of the daytime lineup has now been beaten in the ratings game by The Talk. Now rumors are ramping up that ABC has a bog decision to make, will they cancel the talk show or will they once again try and fix it. Many experts say that the network will just throw in the towel and say eff it.

Most speculation suggests that if The View is canceled, then the network would put on another hour of Good Morning America. However the hope among fans is that the network will learn from their mistake and bring back the soaps. If they insist on keeping The Chew on air, they should shift that to the 11 O'clock time slot, which would open up 1 pm. Half hour versions of All My Children and One Life To Live could easily fit in there. For the naysayers who are going to protest and say that Prospect Park still holds the production rights to the shows, there are ways that problem could be solved if it was even relevant.

All four remaining soaps on air have experienced ratings growth for the last 2 years, while talk shows have been struggling in the ratings. When superstars like Queen Latifah and Anderson Cooper can't get their shows off the ground there is something not quite right. The last successful talk show launched was The Steve Harvey Show, almost three years ago. Of course detractors will say that a successful soap hasn't been launched since the 1980's but there is a difference here. AMC and OLTL are established brands that fans are still clamoring for. The Facebook group Save AMC & OLTL still has nearly 10,000 members who are tasked with different tasks every day in an effort to bring these shows back.

While some members of the casts have moved on to other projects, like Susan Lucci being on Devious Maids, there are plenty that would jump at the chance to work again. The great thing is that while you can mix in old and new cast alike, fans would be very willing to accept new characters as long as they had their shows back and at least a few veteran characters.

Imagine JR (David Tom?) taking over Chandler Enterprises from his father and targeting Cortland Electronics and Petey (Van Hansis?). Of course throw in Colby (Kristen Alderson?) being in love with Petey for good measure and you have a contemporary story that is very rooted in Pine Valley history, 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crazy For Jason Dottley

Jason Dottley
It's always so wonderful to celebrate the careers of friends. When a friend puts a books out either via
traditional publishing or Independent publishing, they know that I will write something up for them. Likewise when actor or singer pals should know that they are going to be written about as well. That being said not only is Jason Dottley gorgeous, but he is extremely talented. He has to be to try and tackle The Queen!

Our former Hunk of the Week has announced via his Facebook that he will be covering Madonna's Crazy For You. That happens to be one of my favorite love songs of all time, and one of my stories was inspired by it. In his announcement he also said that Drew Shaw (Pic of him below) would be starring in the video with him. Drew for those that aren't sure is a cutie with a capital HOT. I'm already all steamy just thinking about this video.

So when will all of this goodness come our way? Valentine's Day according to the man himself. Less than a month until we get Jason's sweet voice crooning an epic love song, and we get to see two gorgeous men fall in love.

How excited are you?

Drew Shaw

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Breaking: Rosie Perez Not Returning To The View

Where there's smoke, there's fire. After surprising fans when she wasn't at the Hot Topics table during the first show of the year, it is being reported that Rosie Perez won't be returning to The View. It was said that she was prepping for her play "Fish in the Dark", and that she would be back in February. That could have been the original plan but now reports are saying that she is finished altogether.

ABC News which is now in charge of The View is trying to put this out by saying everything is fine. However they don't actually say that she is safe or coming back, all they say is what has been the company line since she went on leave. "“Rosie Perez is currently in rehearsal for her Broadway play for the month of January. Her status with the show has not changed,” Not only will this not defuse the situation but I think that it will be made worse. 

Other changes are afoot as well. There is no word whether those will be format changes or further changes to the cast. My personal guess is that Whoopi Goldberg is gone and they are just waiting to make it official. After the racism argument that she had with Rosie O on the last show of last year, she has not been on air. The official reasoning is her back hurts but something feels off about that to me. 

What do you think of these changes?

Justin Bieber's Porn Offer

There are so many men that I want to have sex with, that my BFF has a running joke that if I ever get
to Hollywood, I'll have more stars than the Walk of Fame. One of the men that I DON'T want to sleep with is the piss bucket known as Justin Bieber. Seriously what is going on with that trick's hair? He looks like Ellen Degeneres circa 1995 but somehow less pretty. So it is somewhat surprising that is offering Justin $2 million for a 20 minute video.

Johnny Rapid would be his scene partner, should Justin take the company up on this offer. Now I have enjoyed some of Johnny's work, in fact I think that he has a ton of chemistry with  my future baby daddy, Colby Jansen. It is puzzling why then he would want to have sex with the world's best known trash can. But for whatever reason they made this offer and it's on video (below) so there's no rescinding it, unless of course Justin doesn't understand that he will have to appear naked in the movie.

Seriously though, there are so many better looking men that are willing to go gay for pay. I wonder if they even tried to get Chris Pine like I suggested. Or Ray J, I mean he was in a sex tape for free so you know the company could save a lot of the 2 Million that they offered Biebs.

And of course Bieber is going to turn this down... The only dick he's allowed to have is Usher's!

Ex-Prosecutor: Don't Pardon Wahlberg!

The heated national debate continues. No I am not talking about whether or not to legalize marijuana, that is an easy problem to solve. Really so is this one but it get muddled because Mark Wahlberg is a millionaire many times over. See if you'll remember Marky Mark wants to be pardoned for Hate Crimes he committed in 1988. He viciously attacked and blinded a Vietnamese man, and attacked another one.

While everyone seems to come down on one side or the other, no one in Hollywood has spoken out. However a person who has a history with Wahlberg did and she says no way, Jose to a pardon. Judith Beals was a prosecutor for Massachusetts and actually prosecuted the now A lister way back in 1986 for other racially motivated crimes. That's why she says that Mark doesn't deserve to have his record expunged, he hasn't acknowledged "the racial elements of his crimes," And that should be done, unless of course the racist part of him still exists and he doesn't see what he did as wrong.

At this point he also hasn't face his victims, another crucial part of redemption Beals says. “That acknowledgement of the crime and that facing of history is absolutely critical in the issuing of a pardon,” Maybe Mark Wahlberg will do something to surprise us all and really repent for the sins of his past. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Steve Harvey's Infidelity Scandal

Don't you hate when you see a headline like that and you get all excited, but then the article turns out
to be about the brother or a close friend of whoever the named celeb is? This isn't that. Not that Steve Harvey was caught cheating on his wife, no, however it was the other way around! That's right allegedly Marjorie Harvey had sex with someone other than her husband.

So it get even juicier than what has already been written. Marjorie was caught sleeping with Steve's brother, in the Atlanta Mansion they share. According to Hollywood Street King, Steve walked in on Majorie screwing his brother. He was so pissed that he made her sell the very expensive ($8,000) mattress. So why would he stay in this marriage? It's all about image for him. “ Steve decided to keep Marjorie to protect his image that skyrocketed from his Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man book that came out in December 2008…”

There is also a tidbit about Steve and a child that his wife was carrying. "Steve never claimed the baby Marjorie was carrying in 2008 to 2009." Of course that's not an indication of anything... or is it. Most men would be thrilled that the wife they have based their empire around, and say that they love is carrying a child. Most of those men probably know that they are the father of the child and not just one of many possibilities. 

So what kept Marjorie from walking away. The two things that could keep most women in an unhappy relationship: Oprah and money. “Marjorie used to laugh at Steve. But one day Oprah called Steve to be on her show and that’s when Marjorie saw dollar signs and became the perfect wife.” Now with this story coming out though, it begs the question as to whether or not they can keep up the image of a loving couple. 

Alyssa Milano Was Fired From Mistresses

It came as a shock last October when Alyssa Milano announced that she was leaving her hit show, Mistresses. Fans fell on one of two sides, they were either relieved that they wouldn't have to watch her anymore or they were sad that their favorite was leaving. As always there is more to the story and it appears as though the producers wanted Alyssa gone rather than her leaving of her own free will.

Back in October Deadline reported that Alyssa had activated a clause in her contract that allowed her to leave if they moved production from LA. In part of her statement she said "After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot Season 3 of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada for financial reasons. It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate." Now if you knew your biggest star had this option in her contract, why in the world would you move production? 

Well it all made sense when Enty Lawyer from CDAN laid it out. According to him, Alyssa "wants the world to think she quit her most recent show but she was fired because she wanted a huge raise..."  And clearly they didn't give it to her. Plus he adds that "She was also a huge diva so producers said bye." That makes a lot more sense. Now I wonder who will replace her, I have my money on Heather Locklear.  

John Mayer's Ulterior Motive For Katy Perry Reconciliation

The celebrity life is a soap opera at it's best. Everyone is cheating and usually people you would never imagine being involved with someone elses's story is. Take the Giada De Laurentiis divorce, would anyone really expect Katy Perry to be involved in that? I wouldn't, That is until John Mayer dusted off the relationship that he had with her, in an effort to distance himself from the cheating chef.

So our friends over at Blind Gossip reported that it was weird that for months we heard nothing about who John was dating. In fact I had just told my roomie that it was weird we hadn't heard anything about him. Then "he is suddenly on the front page romancing a famous ex-girlfriend!" Katy and John never made any sense to me, but then neither did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.... There had to be a reason that they were suddenly being photographed together again. 

For those that regularly read the gossip blogs, you realize that John and Giada had a torrid affair. Many are placing him at the center of her divorce. Obviously he doesn't want that and so Blind Gossip says that "It is a very calculated P.R. attempt to distance himself from the divorce proceedings."  That makes sense, but coming from the man who talked about his sex life with Jennifer Aniston, and called Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm", it kind of doesn't. His reputation is that of a sexually deviant douchebag. 

Or in the words of Olivia Newton John.... "You're A Dick!" (From Sordid Lives) 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kristen Alderson Leaving GH, May Be Headed To Days

General Hospital is losing a Starr. Yes I know that's a lazy pun and she hasn't played that character in 2 years but just let me have it, OK! Anyways Kristen Alderson will be leaving the soap sometime in the near future, it was revealed yesterday by real life boyfriend Chad Duell.

What does this mean for Avery, her sister whose parents are in jail? Right now my guess is either Morgan will take the little girl or there will be a KiKi recast. Since the character isn't in heavy story right now, writing around her would be fairly easy and would clear up some room from an over bloated canvas, Of course had they done the smart thing and made her Kristina Corinthos, then Kristen might have stayed a bit longer and not be as sullen in her new post Starr role.

Last night as I was reading the comments about her departure, one thing kept creeping up time and again: She should and likely would be playing Paige on Days of our Lives. This makes sense given that the Days producers seem to think that hiring the ex ABC stars will raise their ratings. Right now they Kassie DePavia over there, which would reunite the former onscreen mother and daughter.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Glee Feud: Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy Not Speaking

There was one point where Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele were besties. I mean they were constantly praising one another in public. During the Cory Monteith tragedy, they worked even more closely than ever. Yet something curious happened this year with the Glee premiere days away, the formerly close duo hasn't even acknowledged the others presence.

So what could possibly come between Ryan and Lea? Career/money of course. Since Ryan basically built Glee all around Rachel Berry (ie Lea), She  of course thought that he would be dying to fit her into another project. She thought wrong. CDAN says that Lea stopped talking to Ryan "after he refused to give her a part on another show he executive produces." I wish they had said which show she wanted to be on. 

The most logical guess is American Horror Story. Since it's an anthology series, she would get to play a new character ever season. Also that show is like Emmy crack, you say a line on there and unless your name is Evan Peters, you get nominated for an Emmy. Either that or it's one of his upcoming series like Scream Queens on Fox or American Crime Story.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grayson McCouch Joining GH

In what will be the first casting news of 2015 for General Hospital, they have landed another superstar. Grayson McCouch is joining the Port Charles crew  come this February. He will be replacing another cutie patootie, Robb Derringer.

No details on the storyline though my prediction is that they want to pair Special Agent Kyle Sloane with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Of course he wanted to send her away to Pentonville for murdering Caesar but this is a soap opera and couples overcome much worse. I mean Jason (Billy Miller) is presumed dead and he's alive kicking up the chemistry with Carly and Elizabeth, so there's that.

Anyways back on topic, Grayson McCouch is said to be taping and will begin airing in early February.

What do you think of this news?

Nicholas Sparks' Unhappy Ending

So many of my straight female friends tell me that watching The Notebook made them believe in true love. I'm over here thinking that the sluts of Dante's Cove had it right but you know whatever. Now Nicholas Sparks, who wrote the book on which the film is based, is heading to splitsville himself.

Nicholas along with his wife (ex-wife?) Cathy announced that they are no longer together. In a statement released to People, Nicholas said "This is, of course, not a decision we've made lightly. We remain close friends with deep respect for each other and love for our children. For our children's sake, we regard this as a private matter." The last sentence is par for the course for celebrity breakups. 

There is another movie based on a book by Nicholas coming out this year. That means Cathy is not only going to get a windfall from the money that he has already accumulated but she is bound to get The Longest Ride money too. 

Britney And Prince Harry's Rumored Hookup

Damn if I were writing a soap opera or even a primetime drama, there would be a huge temptation to pair two of the biggest names in the world together. Imagine the ratings bonanza that would happen. Now imagine those two people are the Princess of Pop and a real life Prince. There are reports right now that situation actually did happen, rumors are swirling that Britney Spears and Prince Harry had a few trysts.


So while this seems to be romantic, and it probably was, there is also a very scandalous side to this story. See when Britney and Prince Harry met up, she was technically still married to Kevin Federline. Our pals over at CDAN report, "She was following through on a wish he had made a few years before they actually did meet. When he heard that she was going to be in his city, calls were made and they spent a night ordering room service and having sex even though she was married at the time." I swear this is the beginning of a sweet, yet tragic romance. Minus the whole infidelity thing, cause you know that just muddles up the water too much. 


This wasn't a one time thing either, no they hooked up again. And once again it was fabulous and they both really enjoyed themselves. When Prince Harry was going to be in the United States, "Arrangements were made and even though at the time she was involved with someone again, the two hooked up again, but this time in her hotel room and with two sets of bodyguards outside the doors." This must be some good sex for my girl to keep cheating on her beaus with this dude or something. What is with everyone having this huge crush on Prince Harry? We all know that Prince William is the better catch. 


Anyways, lest you think that there was a third hook up, this story does not have a happy ending. Once again Brit and Harry were going to be in the same city. Britney thought it would be gravy if they hooked up again but the Prince had other ideas and blew her off. This led to our girl being really down in the dumps and allegedly never quite recovering from that. "Since that happened she has never been the same. Something happened inside her those two weeks and she rarely smiles and has just not had the spark she once had. It is as if a light went off inside her." So it seems as if it is being implied that it's not the meds that Britney is on that makes her seem off but rather a deep seeded sadness that her FWB blew her off. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Giada's Explosive Secret

As 2014 ended, Giada De Laurentiis announced her divorce. That was explosive enough but the story isn't going to die down just like that. Nope just like Tiger Woods and Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's ex) before her, this scandal is just getting started. As with the aforementioned men, Giada has a lot of secrets that are going to come spilling out.

One of the most asked questions for those who read the gossip blogs, is why did it take her husband so long to file for divorce? The answer seems to be as simple as he was waiting for hard evidence of her infidelity (pun intended). Our friends over at Blind Gossip have learned that there is a reason why Giada's husband Todd Thompson decided to file for divorce now, when he has suspected her of cheating for a long time. According to BG, he "...he found PROOF that she was  cheating! We’re not talking about a few emails and text messages. We’re talking about HUNDREDS of photos and videos that he found on her computer of her with dozens of different men." And boom goes the divorce papers. 

Here's here the story gets a little more dicey. There are videos and pictures of her with celebrity men, but her team was able to reason with them fairly easily. Those guys don't want to be caught up in this scandal, so they agreed to keep quiet about this. However there are some non-famous guys who aren't being so cooperative. BG says "The photos and videos were taken by these men on their equipment and with her consent. They OWN the materials. While they can not make money by publishing the materials without her consent, she needs to pay them off… or those photos and videos just might leak." So now the scramble is on to make these men stay quiet. Somehow though this doesn't seem likely right now. 

Stay tuned as this story heats up!