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Blind: Separate Bedrooms For Girl And Nice Guy

Blind Gossip

This girl is best known from television. She is engaged to someone she often calls a “nice guy” or a “great guy.”
Although there have been lots of photos of them together, they aren’t as close at home as they are in public. The sleep in separate bedrooms. Why? Well, it isn’t because he snores. It’s because he has a “social” life completely separate from his fiancee. Sometimes he picks up another person for the night. Sometimes he doesn’t come home at all. The actress would rather just not know what he is doing, thus the separate bedrooms.
Why does she put up with it? She tells friends that despite his “indiscretions,” he is kind to her and good to her kid/s and that’s hard to find. So she isn’t going anywhere.
Most Popular Guess: Jenny McCarthy/Donny Wahlberg 
My Guess: Courtney Cox/Johnny McDaid

Blind Item Reveal: Jenna Jameson

Radar Online

 A world-famous actress has had a secret video recording of her suffering a terrifying dr*g and booze overd*se presented in a court as part of her bitter child custody case, can reveal.
Radar has chosen not to identity the superstar caught on camera — other than she is a middle-aged Hollywood figure who has won major international awards for her on-screen work.
But this website can report that a disgruntled former assistant of the actress — she is one of the most recognizable faces to appear on the silver screen and has starred in dozens of films — provided the cell phone video to the woman’s estranged partner.
He subsequently used it in support of his bid to strip her of custodial rights of their children.
The case is currently before a judge and remains under court seal.
Both parties involved are purportedly prevented from discussing it publicly.
According to well-placed sources, the ex-colleague of the top star told court that she had overd*sed on a potentially lethal cocktail of Xan*x, Vic*din and Ambi*n, which she knocked back with up to eight bottles of top-shelf Dom PĂ©rignon champagne.
However, in response to the charges, the actress denied it was an overd*se: She insisted that she suffered a seizure brought on by the stress of the custody fight, one insider revealed.
In an exclusive interview, the assistant, who also cannot be named, spoke to Radar about the terrifying ordeal which is said to have occurred in April this year.
“On this particular day, I left her for an hour or so and went to go and get her food because she hadn’t eaten for days,” the assistant said.
“When I returned, I found her on the dining room floor face down. I turned her around and was shaking her and trying to wake her up. She opened her eyes and started convulsing.
“She could have been out for an hour.
“I thought she was dead or dying. That is why I recorded the video because I wanted to make sure no one thought we killed her.”
Although the assistant said friends were eventually able stabilize the hard-partying star, they were horrified to learn she’d taken some of their prescription drugs.
They discovered a “stash” in the home, where the troubled actress had been staying after her partner kicked her out of the family home.
“I noticed my bottle of Xanax and Hydrocodone had been touched because my purse wasn’t where I had left it,” the assistant added.
Despite the lucky escape, the star refused to be treated at a hospital or enter rehab.
“She didn’t want to go because she didn’t want the media to find out,” the assistant said. “We gave her water and took care of her (until she was better).”
The pal feared the incident was a deliberate attempt to kill herself.
“She would always talk about killing herself,” the assistant added. “She knows she will die young like her mother.”
The actress lost custody of her children following a nuclear confrontation with her partner around the same time as the overdose. She is still fighting to regain some custodial rights.
Answer: Jenna Jameson/Tito Ortiz

Blind: He Prefers Hunks

Blind Gossip

 You already know him as one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. You may or may not know that he is gay. But what you probably don’t know is that he uses his money and his power to maintain a harem of boys.
We’ll call him Duffy. He keeps between five and eight boys at a time. All of his boys are over 21. While some men prefer twinks, Duffy prefers studs. Great-looking, hard-bodied young studs.
The Duffy Boys are a multi-ethnic bunch. Black, white, hispanic, mixed. All really handsome. If one of them walked past you on the street, you would definitely turn your head.
He pays each of the Duffy Boys approximately $5000 a month. He also buys each of them a luxury car of their choice (usually a Mercedes or a BMW).
Duffy owns fabulous homes and toys, is a respected power player in films, music, art, politics, and philanthropy, and knows absolutely everyone, so there are lots of other perqs for the Duffy Boys as well… especially if they are trying to make it in Hollywood. We know of at least one famous actor who started out as a Duffy Boy.
Duffy calls them in “to work” on a regular basis. “Work” always takes place at his house, where he feels safe. He loves to give oral sex to them, and he likes being a “bottom.” But his very favorite thing to do is to call in all the Duffy Boys to work at once… and watch them have group sex with each other.
A job as a Duffy Boy only lasts for a couple of years. Since they are over 21 to begin with, it usually only takes two or three years before they start aging out of the Duffy Boy system. If they have done their job well, they are set up with a job in the entertainment industry. They get a generous severance package. They get to keep the luxury car.
Most Popular and My Guess: David Geffen/Bradley Cooper

Blind: Mess In Dressing Room

Sunday People

 Which TV star shocked people working for him by demanding they clear up a really disgusting mess in his dressing room?

Most Popular and My Guess: Simon Cowell

Blind: Will Coming Out Sink Her Career?

Blind Gossip

This actress has done both TV and film and has won tons of major awards. She is absolutely riveting every time she is on the screen.  She is probably best known for one particular film role for which she won an Academy Award.
She was married but is now single. Well, except for her girlfriend. The girlfriend is quite a bit younger than she is, and is much more comfortable about being out. She wants our Actress to come out so that they can be a couple in public.
Our Actress was initially horrified at the thought! She has been in Hollywood a long time, and doesn’t want news about her personal life to sink her career. However, after many conversations, she is now warming up to the idea, and has started seeking out advice from a couple of different publicists as to how to do this.
Most Popular and My Guess: Kathy Bates

Blind: Charlize Theron and Her Perverted Producer

OK Magazine

At 19, shortly after moving to Hollywood from South Africa, Charlize Theron was introduced to a producer’s casting couch.
“I thought it was a little odd that the audition was on a Saturday night at his house in Los Angeles, but I thought maybe that was normal,” Theron told OK Magazine. He was in his Hugh Hefner pajamas—I go inside and he’s offering me a drink, and I’m thinking, My God this acting stuff is very relaxed. But it soon becomes very clear what the situation was. I was like, “Not going to happen! Got the wrong girl, buddy!”
Most Popular and My Guess: Robert Evans


Blind: Lisa Rinna's Casting Couch Horror

Pop Eater

“I lost a role on a BIG TV series because I wouldn’t bend over a chair in a producers office for ‘just a quickie,’” Lisa admits to me for the first time. “‘Just pull your panties down and bend over and the role is yours,’ he said to me.”
Lisa was just 24 years old at the time and walked away in tears after the disgusting encounter, but that hasn’t stopped her from thinking about the producer or that moment every day.
A friend tells me that Lisa has never revealed the producer’s name to anyone, including husband Harry Hamlin, but many years later, during the height of her ‘Melrose Place’ success, she saw the man that propositioned her all those years ago on an industry red carpet. He stopped to say congratulations and she told him, “I know everyone in this town and if you ever do what you did to me again or to anyone else I will tell everyone your dirty secret.”
No guesses but this is horrible!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let's Talk: Which Gender Makes Better Friends?

 It always amazes me how insightful Trevor Donovan is. Not only is he a gorgeous man, but he has a brain underneath that beautiful blond hair of his. This weekend on his Facebook page, the stud asked about which sex would have the longer friendships "In your opinion, who is most likely to keep longer lasting friendships guys or girls?"

I have to say that I feel that I have the perfect mix of guys and girls as friends. Most of my friends have been in my life for 10 or more years. Recently I began talking to my best friend from elementary/middle school. To me it's like no time has passed between us, though we hadn't talked for quite a few years. 

What do you think Gossipers? Sound off in the comments!

Another Glee Love Triangle

If the drama on screen were as good as the off screen drama on Glee, then the ratings wouldn't be at all time lows. I can almost guarantee you that they would climb week after week, and all of the fans would be abuzz about the latest developments. Of course the center of all the drama would still be the one and only Lea Michele.


 It's already been reported the Lea and her deceased co-star Cory Monteith were never really a couple. That was a lie cooked up by the marketing folks over at Fox to generate interest in the show, in a lame attempt to cover up for bad storylines that went nowhere. Now she has to play the grieving girlfriend in public, however other sites are reporting that she is moving on with someone else's man.


That someone else is her co-star and on screen frienemy Naya Rivera. According to Hollywood Street King, Naya found hook up messages from Lea on ex-fiancee Big Sean's phone! "Sources say… Naya 'found hookup text messages between Big Sean and Lea Michele.' Insiders say that could be the proof that Lea Michele busted it wide open for Big Sean!!!" and then there was this cryptic tweet from Naya that seems to point towards him cheating on her with Lea, “It is hurtful when your fiancĂ© cheats on you. It is even more hurtful when it’s with someone you know.” I can see the ratings now if the producers (coughRyanMurphycough) actually tackled this storyline. 


This would also explain the blind items that accused Lea, along with Chris Colfer of trying to have Naya and Darren Criss fired. If Lea was sleeping with her friend's (and I use that term lightly here) fiancee then of course she wouldn't want her around. 

Rob Wilson Has New Role On Days!

Days Of Our Lives is quickly becoming a safe haven for former All My Children stars. This time the sudser has tapped the alum of AMC's reboot, Rob Wilson to take on the role of Ben. For those uninitiated in Salem, Ben is the big brother of Jordan, who happens to be played by another AMC alum Chrishelle Stause. It really is a small world after all.

What do you think of the casting? 

Matt Bomer Is Beautiful

In case any of you have forgotten how hot and sexy Matt Bomer is, the picture above is certain to remind you. Also I just wanted to remind everyone that he played a stripper in Magic Mike, I mean how hot was that? Him gyrating those hips, that sensual mouth... Ok I need to stop now. Also he has a new TV movie coming out, Ryan Murphy's The Normal Heart on HBO. The pic was taken for Out Magazine's cover. 

GG Investigates: Are Soap Fans Still Sinking ABC?

The mainstream media is having a field day over ABC's recent ratings misfortune. Every season there is a ratings laughingstock, for many years that was NBC but now they have turned themselves around but ABC is losing viewers faster than Lindsay Lohan falls off the wagon. Many other outlets have tried to figure out why the network is having trouble launching new shows and holding onto hits that they already have but they keep missing one important fact, soap fans are pissed. Many if not all of the other outlets are underestimating just how loyal soap fans are.


When Brian Frons and Co cancelled All My Children and One Life To Live on the same day, there was no telling how the fans would react. Though it quickly became obvious that soap fans would not accept that their "stories" were being shown the door. Instead of being quiet and enjoying the programming that replaced AMC and OLTL, soap fans banded together, creating boycotts and bombarding the network, advertisers, etc with letters. 'Revoultion' the reality show that replaced OLTL was cancelled  very quickly. Katie Couric's talk show failed to take off and has been cancelled.


ABC's problem isn't just with it's daytime part though. None of their prime time shows have broken out the way that Desperate Housewives and Lost did. As a matter of fact, the one drama that showed potential of breaking out, Revenge, has dropped in the ratings so significantly that it is considered a bubble show. Even stalwart reality show Dancing With The Stars is averaging half of the audience that it did when AMC and OLTL were still around to promote it.


Therein lies the problem. Soap fans used to get a taste of the show before it premiered by all of the advertising that used to happen during the shows. Since there is only one soap, General Hospital, on ABC's air, there are fewer people to see the ads. Plus soap fans are still fuming that their "stories" have ended, and Cameron Mathison put it best  “I was definitely one of the people who didn’t think the soaps would be saved. It’s true: don’t mess with the power of an ABC soap fan!"

Picture Of The Day: Girl Meets World Logo

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blind: Racism Over Chinese

Pop Bitch

Which laddish TV/radio ‘personality’ was causing a stink in a Chinese restaurant by bellowing racist jokes and comments – and encouraging his child to join in with him?
He doesn’t seem to quite have a handle on the correct culinary references though as, bizarrely, he kept using the word ‘poppadom’.
Most Popular and My Guess: Richard Hammond 

Blind: Baby Isn't His

Blind Gossip

This famous actor introduced his new baby to you last year. So cute and so sweet!
Only the baby isn’t really his. It’s a stunt baby.
There were lots of rumors about his sexuality swirling in the past year or two. It was a problem because he does action films and the public needs to see him as straight. There simply are no openly gay action actors who land leads as action heroes.
So a publicity stunt was crafted. He and his “girlfriend” suddenly had a new baby! It worked, too. Gay rumors about him disappeared practically overnight and he continues to land macho film leads.
So, to whom does the baby actually belong? The Actor’s sister! She even moved her family to L.A. so that he can occasionally take Baby out for photo ops.
Most Popular and My Guess: Jeremy Renner 

Blind: Coke Buddies

Blind Gossip

 It is fairly common for young people in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to do coke. However, you would never figure these two young female celebs as coke buddies!
This particular incident occurred in September within the past couple of years at the Chateau Marmont. No cameras allowed and plenty of bodyguards around. It was just the two girls, sitting together at a private table, doing lines for about a half an hour, happy and giggly and carefree.
Perhaps it was just a one-time thing. Perhaps not. One of them has since moved to New York to be with her actor beau, so the two of them don’t really hang out together as much as they used to.
Who are they? Celeb 1 is a funny actress who now only works in films. Celeb 2 is a taller female singer with a goody goody reputation. Yes, it’s shocking.
Most Popular and My Guess: Emma Stone and Taylor Swift 

Blind: Actors To Be Named In Bryan Singer's Sex Ring

Radar Online

 As X-Men director Bryan Singer comes under fire in court for an alleged sex abuse scandal, has learned that multiple A-list Hollywood actors will be named as part of an alleged sex ring connected to the lawsuit.
Singer was named in a federal civil lawsuit Wednesday, accusing the filmmaker of intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault and invasion of privacy, in connection with the purported sexual abuse of a then-underage aspiring thespian, Michael Egan III.
Now, multiple sources tell, “There will absolutely be several high profile actors that will be tied to the sex scandal as a result of the lawsuit.”
“The actors won’t be accused of any illegal wrongdoing,” the source notes, “but several are allegedly eyewitnesses to some of the activity outlined in the civil complaint against the director. At least one of the names will be shocking. The young actor’s fans will be stunned to know he was at one of these infamous parties that Bryan allegedly attended and/or organized.”
In legal documents obtained by Radar, actor/model Egan claims that in 1999, the now-48-year-old filmmaker behind the lens of hits such as The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns and Jack the Giant Slayer coerced him into sex at parties in California and Hawaii when he was 17.
Egan claims in the docs that he got caught up in an underground sex ring consisting of high-profile Hollywood types, through which he was baited with promises of career advancement via their well-heeled connections. He said he attended soirees at an Encino, Calif. mansion, where he claims there was “sexual contact between adult males and the many teenage boys who were present.”
Egan claimed that it was at one of the aforementioned parties where he crossed paths with the director Singer, who allegedly plied him with drugs such as cocaine and pain medication, and threatened him, as a means of allegedly engaging in both anal and oral sex.
“The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit,” attorney Marty Singer (no relation to Bryan) said in reaction to the suit Wednesday. “We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit.
“It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’s new movie is about to open in a few weeks,” he continued.
Egan will address his claims in a news conference slated for Thursday afternoon flanked by his attorney Jeff Herman, a Boca Raton, Fla. lawyer with a history of representing sex abuse victims against large institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church.
“Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children,” Herman said on Wednesday. “This is the first of many cases I will be filing to give these victims a voice and to expose the issue.”
While Radar does not identify sex abuse victims by name, Egan had already been publicly identified by his lawyer, and had expressed his intent to speak openly about the issue in Thursday’s news conference.
And now that he’s come forward, a source revealed, “It’s expected that other alleged victims will also come forward … This could be one of the biggest Hollywood sex scandals in history!”

Most Popular and My Guess: Hugh Jackman

Blind: Lives With Wife and Girlfriend

New York Post

 Which sex-crazed media bigwig has a hush-hush open marriage, but recently stunned his wife by moving a girlfriend into their sprawling home?

Most Popular and My Guess: Donald Trump

Blind: Brief Performance From Rugby Player

Pop Bitch

Which members of the Wales squad in the Hong Kong Rugby 7s last weekend managed to pull in a bar… but then when they got back to her house was so drunk that “his performance was brief”?
After which he went to the bathroom, shat all over the floor and then fell asleep in it.

No Guesses

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hunk Of The Week: Neil Patrick Harris

Picture Of The Day: Neil Patrick Harris Signing Autographs After Hedwig Performance

Blind Item Reveal: Trace Adkins

CDAN (2009)

"Hey aren't you?" There have been a rash of sightings and I use the term rash here as a caution to all people to not engage in unprotected sex with workers of the sex industry. Anyway, the rash of sightings took place over a two day period. Who was being seen and what were they doing? Well it turns out this A list country singer might have been enjoying the absence of his wife because for two days there were sightings of our singer picking up women who make their living on the streets. At least three times over a 48 hour period our singer cruised around in his very recognizable car and picked up women for about 20 minutes of fun. Now, I don't know if he was just not getting any at home or if he wanted to give his wife a very special Christmas present that could not be returned.

Answer: Trace Adkins

Blind Item Reveal: Tom Brady

CDAN (2009)

I think this this newly engaged NFL player would be surprised to learn that his future wife has been spending a great deal of time talking and texting her old boyfriend every chance she gets and even making plans to meet while she is alone and out of town. Of course it probably serves our NFL player right.

Answer: Tom Brady/Gisele Budchen

Blind Item Reveal: Rob Kardashian

Blind Gossip

There are some celebrities that like to see themselves in the press every day. Too bad that doesn’t mean that they are sharing what is really going on behind the scenes.
This guy is from a famous family. Lots of money and lots of publicity on a daily basis. In case you are wondering what he is doing far away on the other side of the country, away from his family and the cameras and the spotlight, we have your answer.
He is in rehab.
Has been since last summer. Started out as an inpatient, has now transitioned to outpatient, living very close to the facility. He is being treated for a serious eating disorder and severe depression. His family doesn’t want you to know how far he has gone in harming himself, so for now that are pretending that if he just ate a couple of salads and did a little jogging, he will be all fixed.
And while his famous family is not there with him, he does have company in the form of his secret family. A woman and her young son. His young son. Yes, he’s a father. The boy is approximately the same age as – and looks similar to – his sister’s son.
Why is the family keeping these major events quiet? Because they are holding them in reserve as two more television show story lines for the family to exploit for financial gain if their ratings continue to drop.
Most Popular and My Guess: Rob Kardashian
Answer: Rob Kardashian 

Blind Item Reveal: Naomi Campbell

Blind Gossip

She’s beautiful on the outside… and ugly on the inside!
This nasty celebrity – who stars on a current TV show – may well be one of the most unlikeable people on the planet. She is so filled with jealousy and rage that the slightest thing can set her off.
Are you prettier than she is? Do you make more money than she does? Are you getting more attention than she is? Well, you’d better duck, because you’re going to get something thrown at you (accusations, lies, objects)!
Her latest television project is suffering because she is so… insufferable. Two of her co-stars are bailing after only one season with her. That’s all they could take. They are both leaving for the same reason: She is just unbearable to be around.
But Nasty won’t let them leave quietly! Nooo! She has to send parting shots after each of them!
Nasty is spreading rumors that Quitter 1 had an affair with one of the producers and that Quitter 2 is being let go after making outrageous salary demands. Neither of these rumors are true, but if you leave this celeb, she won’t let you go without trying to damage your reputation in some way.
By the way, the two departing cast members are both too classy to even respond to Nasty’s slap in the face.
Answer: Naomi Campbell/Karolina Kurkova/Coco Rocha